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Sticky: Reconstructing heathenry~
10 years ago  ::  Mar 26, 2008 - 10:30PM #31
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OK......that works as a hyperlink.   I was especially pleased with this article, and would have a heck of a hard time finding anything in it to quibble with.  It express's my view better than I ever have.     Indeed, I wish I had read it many years ago, back when I was drifting into paganism from my previous mode of being a lapsed Methodist who talked to trees.

Personally, I'm not much into magic, being more the sort of person who wants to grab a spear, tuck a hammer in my belt for backup and go deal directly with a problem, but more power to those who are.

In light of some of the discussions I've had here and elsewhere, I was, naturally, rather pleased with the second sentence under the Heading "Heathenry and reconstruction".    :)

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7 years ago  ::  Dec 13, 2011 - 7:09PM #32
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The thing with reconstructionism is that things can change very quickly, and not all scholars are agreed on everything by any means (no matter what some reconstructionists would prefer to believe). Even stuff that reconstructionists think they "know" are subject to change, and can depend very much on the region of the Germanic world in question. For example, the early English Heathen settlers here in Britain were very much into a "pick n mix" approach to their spirituality according to the latest archeological assessment (see "Signals of Belief in Early England - Anglo-saxon Paganism Revisited" by Carver et al) This apparent tendency does not really sit well with modern reconstructionist ideas re "this is RIGHT and that is WRONG". Our ancestors didn't really have such rigid sensitivies about "cultural purity" it seems.

Having said this, some reconstructionist Heathens have done some pretty good, inspiring material. For example, stuff by the Wodening brothers I've used and used again, to good issue, even though I'm not Theodish.  I have to confess to not particularly liking much by Bil Linzie though, since I find the guy a bit too much of an overbearing zealot to really take all that seriously (I know some folks here probably admire his work though, so sorry in advance if I offend anyone - horses for courses and all that!) Aside from the odd book by modern Heathens, most of my "home library" is composed of works by academics - I prefer to go straight to the horses mouth on things now rather than have it regurgitated by someone else (who may well have a personal axe to grind which will influence their own interpretation.)

 Funnily enough there are more actual Heathen academics now who are actively researching, writing and giving lectures in mainstream academia. One such here in the UK is archeologist Robert J Wallis, who's a friend of a friend - my Heathen pal down in Norfolk who knows him was really proud to see him speak at a mainstream archeology symposium not long ago wearing his Mjollnir token!Smile

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