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9 years ago  ::  Mar 18, 2009 - 7:33AM #31
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Mar 18, 2009 -- 1:30AM, walks between the worlds wrote:

beatrice weasel bear, ne long visitor holy dance, is a second mother to me.  i have been a part of the afraid of bear/american horse sun dance where she is an elder, for 10 years.  she danced with me in 2005.  this year, i will take care of her youngest son while he is at the side of the arbor.  he is quite ill or he would be dancing himself. 

the grandmothers just returned from participating in a joint project of the mystery school and the un for world women's day.  apparently they were supposed to have only an hour but ended up getting to talk for about three hours.  would have more info except that she came in from pine ridge to my place at 4am and due to witnessing several accidents, her emotional wellbeing was of greater importance.  she will be back through from new mexico tomorrow or thursday.  i do know they were very well received.

I hope they were only accidents and nothing more sinister.  I am grateful that you provide a place for BWB along the way.  I am also grateful that you made a place for her youngest son.  I wish that all of human society was that open and helpful. 

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9 years ago  ::  Mar 28, 2009 - 1:25AM #32
walks between the worlds
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a followup on the grandmothers' visit to the un -- they spoke of the environment, especially the protection of healing plants, the fact that we must accept each other's differences, the need for peace.  they also spoke of the need to help the young people get a good start along the traditional ways rather than getting caught up in the majority culture.

when they went to rome to ask for the recinding of the papal bull encouraging the conquest of the western hemisphere, the papal guards attempted to prevent them from leading prayer in st peter's square.  beatrice walked up to one of them and said all they wanted to do was pray and would he prevent his mother or grandmother from praying at such a holy place?  i am sure the guard was taller than beatrice's 4'10" but he finally let them pray there!

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9 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2009 - 6:05PM #33
walks between the worlds
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Who: Beatrice Weasle Bear Long Visitor Holy Dance
What: Presentation and interactive conversations
When: April 19th - 11:00 a.m.
Where: In the FCC Library
COME... To hear the Spiritual Journey of Lakota people from the experience of one of their revered elders
COME... To learn how Native Americans overcome adversities in their daily lives such as obtaining clean water, propane to heat their homes and how they battle against the influences of drugs and alcohol among their youth.
COME... To witness the path of a Pilgrim, called to evangelize Gods grace, the power of prayer and His mercy to us all.
COME... To be reminded of how forgiveness is essential for our spiritual and physical well being.
COME... To be inspired by elders who are speaking on our behalf to world leaders to raise their awareness on the desperate state of our people and our planet.
COME... To be encouraged - to be enlightened - to be renewed.
Beatrice Weasle Bear Long Visitor Holy Dance will be coming to speak with FCC on April 19th to share with us what she has learned in her 82 years of Servanthood to Jesus Christ as a Oglala Lakota Holy Woman and Spiritual Leader, as a Midwife and Health care worker and as a Medicine Woman for the Lakota tribe at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
She has met with world leaders to urge them not to forget the importance of addressing the desperate state of our people and planet.  In March of this year she met with the United Nations and she will be coming to FCC before participating in a conference at the Smithsonian in Washington on the topic: Women's Ways of Knowing: Lessons from Indigenous Midwifery Traditions. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

First Congregational Church
20 East Saint Vrain Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

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