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When you try to correct a brother by making real his errors and turning them into sins you are approaching the Son of God from the standpoint of darkness and it is only darkness that will be reinforced in your mind.  The ego can only deceive.  It tells only lies though they may sound like truth to a mind which is asleep to the the truth of God.  The ego will even and is especially skillful at using the forms of spirutual discourse and representation to convey a content in meaning which is in total opposition to the Will of God and HIs perfect Love.  It is wise to be very vigilant for the temptations of the ego to get you to believe according to the thought system which supports its justifications which when you look on these pesuasive arguments with the Holy Spirit you will see them for the deceptions that they are.

"The last thing that can help...the sick, is an increase in fear." (notation not yet recorded) ~acim

"The whole aim of the miracle is to raise the level of communication, not to lower it by increasing fear." (?) ~acim

Attacking illusions in a brother only makes that error real to you the perceiver, for it was in your choice to perceive it that made error real to you.  To perceive error IS an error for it is not how the Holy Spirit sees any son of God.  And when we are not looking upon the world as He does we are in denial of the truth and our denial is our error.  From this we believe we are surrounded by all manner of "sin", which is merely the projected guilt we have placed on our image of our brother in our effort to get rid of the awareness and consequences of our having chosen to perceive contrary to the Will of God.

"Innocence is wisdom because it is unaware of evil, and evil does not exist." (?) ~acim

God created us all innocent in spirit and innocent we remain.  When we accept the ego's assesment of it's core thought system in ourselves or others we see only corruption and sin.  This is merely a delusion of misunderstanding that a mind has when it has not accepted God's plan for salvation.  The ego cannot corrupt, destroy, alter or change the creation of God in any way shape or form.  If you believe it can then you are indeed in need of salvation.

"You who identify with your ego cannot believe God loves you." (?) ~acim

And you will know that you do not believe that God loves you if you believe that He does not love any one of His children.  For giving and receiving are the same and you will only accept in yourself what you accept in your brother.  This is both the conundrum of the ego and the mind's ticket to freedom.  See only what the Holy Spirit shows you and you will see His Love, unconditional and undefiled, eternally present and changeless.  With the ego you simply stay lost in a field of attack against monsters that you yourself made to justify the projection of your guilt.

"What you acknowledge in your brother you are acknowledging in yourself, and what you share you strengthen." T.5.III.3.5

"As you teach so shall you learn." T.5.IV.6.4

If you try to show your brother that attacking an illusion of his is corrective you are teaching yourself that attack has meaning, that you are under attack and that your illusions are real beacuse you believe in the attack you make.  All this leaves you blind to His Kingdom for the Holy Spirit sees past all illusion to the truth in you which cannot be attacked for it is unassailable and what is real faces no threat from anything at all.

"Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack." T.6.III.3.7

You only endanger your understanding of your self when you attack illusion in another.  You will feel vulnerable and weak and will be moved to attack and defend as though what you are is in need of either to remain safely what it is.

"To heal, then, is to correct perception in your brother and yourself by sharing the Holy Spirit with him." T.7.II.1.1

"Whenever you see another as limited to or by the body, you are imposing this limit on yourself." T.8.VII.14.3

When you punish the body in a misguided effort to correct it you deny the truth of your brother and yourself, for you are teaching yourself that a body can learn and that the mind learns only through what happens to the body.  This is not the Love of God nor the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for any treatment of the body as such deflects your mind from what true healing is and thus keeps you far from the Will of God.

"For if you see the god of sickness anywhere, you have accepted him.  And if you accept him you will bow down and worship him, because he was made as God's replacement." T.10.III.11.5-6

In closing, "Only what is loving is true." and the purpose of salvation is to bring you to that place where you are able to recognize what true Love is and not then confuse it with the twisted laws of the ego which always seek to attack, punish and destroy.

"Do not perceive anything God did not create or you are denying Him." T.10.V.13.1

Peace Is With Us
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