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10 years ago  ::  Jan 04, 2008 - 10:29PM #1
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I feel so alone. Am I the only Satanist who espouses Theistic ideals? Anyone? I'm thinking of being atheistic, because I know absolutely no Theistic Satanists. Do you think Theistic Satanism will grow in the future, or die? Why are Theistic Satanists such a minority in the Satanist scene?
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 04, 2008 - 10:29PM #2
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I feel so alone. Am I the only Satanist who espouses Theistic ideals? Anyone? I'm thinking of being atheistic, because I know absolutely no Theistic Satanists. Do you think Theistic Satanism will grow in the future, or die? Why are Theistic Satanists such a minority in the Satanist scene?
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 05, 2008 - 2:43PM #3
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For the most part, as Christianity goes, so too, will go devil worship. This is because--aside from the few people who have a very "scholarly," "philosophical," and/or unique and out-of-the-box approach--most devil worshipers take their cues and derive their beliefs from Christianity (and Hollywood).

Certainly, I don't think standard devil worship will grow, 1) because most people tend to strongly believe that the Devil is evil, even when they aren't devout Christians, and 2) because most people perceive devil worship as an angsty teen thing, or a product of a mental illness.

Theistic diabolists are and will remain a minority because:

1) A lot of them are angsty teens who will outgrow it in a few years.
2) Some of them are utterly crackers, especially those the media likes to pay attention to.
3) Their ability to join together, identify themselves as one unified religious block, and "speak with one voice" is impeded by the fact that every devil worshiper has a slightly different opinion on what his or her practice or belief system entails.
4) Devil worshipers do not do good PR (public relations). They don't know how to promote themselves or explain themselves well. Most "churches," for example, are nothing more than gaudy gothy websites. Those that might be able to speak eloquently enough for themselves still can't speak for all the rest, so they aren't seen as a real religious group.
5) Most people are afraid of the Devil, and don't like him, period.

You should NOT just switch religions because you're "lonely." That isn't the point. The point is to seek truth. If you have uncovered something really useful and truth-full, then it doesn't matter how many people are along for the ride. Having more people around you doesn't make your beliefs true, good, or useful.

You should be atheistic if you sincerely believe there are no gods in the universe, and you should be theistic if you sincerely believe there are. The opinion of whether there are gods or spirits shouldn't be like a coat you can casually take on and off.

Furthermore, if you want a cuddly big group of friends, join Christianity. They're all about that, and since there are millions of different kinds of Christians, you'll never be alone.

Finally, I can tell you that a lot of atheistic Satanists do not dig "lonelyhearts." The CoS certainly doesn't. They are disdainful and suspicious of people who complain about feeling "lonely" and wanting pals. Also, atheistic Satanists also do not tend to like devil worshipers, or even ex-devil worshipers, because they feel that such people do not naturally "get it." So, just a warning--if you "become" an atheistic Satanist, you may technically have more people around you who are more like you, but you may end up feeling as alone and isolated as ever.

You need to research religions and philosophies and look at the world, and really, sincerely decide what you think is true, useful, valid, and real---not what is cool, popular, edgy, or makes you feel less sad or lonely.
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10 years ago  ::  Mar 09, 2008 - 6:03PM #4
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I suppose you could consider me thiestic. I do not "worship" any dieties, but I do believe that they exist. I consider it more of a familial friendhsip, or mentor relationship rather than any worship.

I do not know if I will have any connection with Lucifer. Since I am new to really looking into Luciferianism, I am still in the process of questioning whether that entity exists or not.

Since Satanism/Luciferianism seems to focus more on our daily lives and how we use it, then it works very similarly to Buddhism in that you could apply any diety that you feel a connection to. It doesnot ay you have to do this or that. I did not look into this philosophy because I do not believe in dieties, but because I do not like organized religion. I do not need others to tell me how to interract with a chosen diety. If my chosen diety does not like what I do, I'm sure it would tell me.

I agree that you should not give up just because you feel out of place. After all, if Satanism is about individuality, then it does not  matter if others agree with you or not. Do what feels right to you.

But then, I know it is within social human nature to want to have someone similar to us. No need to deny that aspect. As you can see, I am thiestic (and thankfully not of the angsty teenage variety). I am sure there are others, even if they are a minority. Just keep looking.

If you wish to talk more about theism and dieties, feel free to PM me. Or you can continue to post here. Whatever is suitable.
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 13, 2008 - 8:55PM #5
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[QUOTE=Dogmafreehappily;188654]I feel so alone. Am I the only Satanist who espouses Theistic ideals? Anyone? I'm thinking of being atheistic, because I know absolutely no Theistic Satanists. Do you think Theistic Satanism will grow in the future, or die? Why are Theistic Satanists such a minority in the Satanist scene?[/QUOTE]

Satanism probably never really existed in order to die, Dogmafreehappily.

Anyway, it is no longer productive or necessary to invoke such imaginative entities as gods or a Satan. The very, and relatively recent (in human historical terms), appearance of the devil as a force in our lives seems to be the result of a lack of any more psychologically accurate, integrating and meaningful myth. The convenient symbol of there being a Satan slides easily into such a vacuum.

'Monsters exist', said Primo Levi, 'but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without questions...'
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 16, 2008 - 10:52PM #6
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Well, I'm a Theistic Satanist, and wouldn't mind meeting some other TSs. But, as far as it goes, it's mostly to compare occult notes, if you will. I've got friends, so, yea. Of course, I'm also a teen, so, I'm not sure how long it will last, but am pretty sure that this is for me. Anyway, will devil worship die? No. As long as there is a major religion seeking control, it will have a devil. And some will always see the sense in working against that tyrany. Or, they'll just be attracted by these "devils'" promises of advancement of the self. That's why I first got into the occult ideals. But, I realized that I'm close to these gods, daemons, and spirits, and they're close to me. That's why I do what I do.

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10 years ago  ::  Apr 19, 2008 - 8:40PM #7
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Greetings, those of you who are not inolved in Modern Satanism, ECCK Stupidity!
For year The Temples of Satan "The Oldest Satanic Org" has been vey active in Satanism
We hav accomplished:
1. The first Satanic Org to channel Satan
2. The first Satanic Org to establish the idea of Sumerian Roots
3. The first Satanic Org to take on The Church of Satan

However accomplishment are nothing  comparison to our talent.
1. Staff Middle Eastern Professor
2. Ranking Thelemic Members
3. Real Satanic Priests
4. Experienced Ritual Masters

Where FYI   

More coming I have returned this network !
Grand Magister Blackwood
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 19, 2008 - 8:42PM #8
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Notes Regarding Manifestations:  Excerpt  The New World Satanic Bible
Grand Magister Blackwood
Temples of Satan...

Satanist's around the world have been reporting strange manifestations, coming in the form of Demons, these  manifestations are occurring because Satan is returning to power.
Many will argue his power is weak but I know better as I have channeled his visions and understand his agenda.

Satan has grown tired of the folklore that has described him in ludicrous ways and inane descriptions, it is known he seldom appears as an entity but as vivid visions, and those who are seeing his image with frequency should perhaps check their mental health, before trying to describe The Lord Master Satan.

Satan will never visit the Satanist in a corporeal form, he will however come to you as a strong vision which will become clear later that day or later that week.
Reports have included Satan's visit as a gray haired man, a well dressed man, and a swirling fire creature however I still doubt these images as creations of the Satanist's mind, and purely dismiss these images as additional folklore.

Demons come in many forms however they are not demons, they are angels which are described in Judaic text's and seldom appear as Crowley or Dee's described them they also appear as vision, this is because they often lack the power base of Satan, and to think they are powerful is purely ludicrous.

Satan is the only powerful entity that can and will manifest himself to the skilled magician, however his vision is more mental than actual physical I am beginning to believe that many are frequently seeing ghosts which I feel are forces of the dead trapped in some netherworld, timeless and void of material composition.

I challenge any one who has claims of resident demons, to invite me to their home as time allows and unveil them for the falsehood they are proclaiming as real, I also would love to debate anyone who claims Satan has came as a red suited manifestation.

Satan will come as a vision provided you as the magician or sorcerer can provide the dedication and perseverance required to complete such incantations to produce such the effect desired, be warned incorrect practice can also cause great harm to the magician or sorcerer, for Satan requires more than wearing a t-shirt and buying some ancient rune book to produce his manifestation.

He requires a dedication, something few Satanist's can claim, a inherent dedication to him and his entire essence, to his ideology and his edict.

Hail The Lord Master Satan
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 19, 2008 - 8:51PM #9
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There are 2 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

    From: Grand Magister Blackwood

2. Manifestations   
    From: Grand Magister Blackwood

    Posted by: "Grand Magister Blackwood" wwoshp
    Date: Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:07 pm ((PDT))

A Satanic Perspective On Reverend Wright and Obama
By Grand Magister Blackwood Temples of Satan Priest

By besmirching America Mr. Wright has progressed to a level that this
conservative feels is nothing short of hatred, I firmly believe that
Mr. Wright and Mr. Obama have a bond that goes far beyond what the
media currently is reporting.

By electing Barack Hussein Obama America would be plunged into
Communism but not from Communist Liberal but under a banner
or "Reverse Racism" this racism permeates throughout America and
amongst many Black American's who secretly curse the White American's.

Many Satanist's share the liberal viewpoints of Mr. Wright and Obama
and unfortunately have drifted away from Patriotism.

This Satanist has decided to warn Mr. Wright if he continues to
preach a "Negative Agenda" that I will personally place a curse upon
him, this curse will be taken from Satanic Magick and will be
directed from The Lord Master Satan, and will bring harm upon him.

This form of curse has caused many of harmful effect upon people that
have been the target in the past including probable death by heart
attack or just expiration from some unknown ailment.

This threat should not be taken lightly for this Satanist is a
Patriot and has no roots to racism, however I cannot stand back and
watch this Reverend disrespect America.
Those who know of me beyond the media, have urged me to not speak of
this matter to avoid possible legal ramifications, however I am tired
of such "Un-Patriot Behavior" and Mr. Wright should retire remaining
silent and in atonement for his "Crimes Against American.

Obama, who is nothing short of a dressed up "six grader" who seems to
have forgotten his "high dollar education" and has decided to expound
like he is reading from the Communist Manifesto, and has a very dark
side, and I don't mean African American, he has an agenda that
includes connections with Fara khan and William Ayers both known as
Anti-American, and this dark agenda will also be observed closely by
the Temples of Satan should he be elected, and acted upon should he
enact any plan against America.

America needs some help right now however changing courses and
bringing in a "Anti-White" President with a Liberal Edge would most
certainly worsen the country, and as a Patriot I feel this man has an
agenda that is very sided towards "Black Power."

Even though I disagree with McCain I urge those of you to examine him
as your next President and perhaps he will remain somewhat
McCain has this Satanist's Endorsement however he is Christian so
probably could care less!

Hail Satan
Grand Magister Blackwood
Priest of The Temples of Satan
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8 years ago  ::  Jun 18, 2010 - 12:04PM #10
Posts: 5

Hi!  I'm a theistic Satanist.

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