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10 years ago  ::  Sep 25, 2008 - 5:05PM #21
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Echohawk wrote:

More than that, I've witnessed the karmic balance from one lifetime to the next.

You raise several significant points, Echohawk, IMO. However, this one triggered some thoughts of my own that I'll tack onto the thread.

I found that once I uncovered what I learned (or failed to learn) from traumatic experiences in a past life that I could then ask to be shown where a later lifetime may have balanced that karma.

This is not automatic by any means, that is, working through past-life trauma and asking to be shown how it's been balanced out may not necessarily be revealed for the likely reason that you've not chosen between lives to balance that lifetime as yet. Or there may be other reasons, such as a lack of spiritual readiness for the information, why you are not shown the balancing.

However, I've become aware of the relationship to past lives of talents that I have in this lifetime, some of which seem to reflect balancing painful or unpleasant past life events.

Thus, working through a traumatic past life to resolution can lead to the discovery of a benefit. It's all about what we can learn.

We must simply be courageous and determined to learn from distressing past life events. As you so rightly put it, that was then, this is now. Now represents our point of power to use this information to make better choices this lifetime than perhaps we did in the past.

I strongly suggest to anyone self-regressing that you be careful to program yourself before meditating on past lives that anything upsetting or traumatic will trigger a mantra such as "That was then, this is now," so that you may more easily distance yourself emotionally and not become so upset by events and associations long past. Deciding beforehand on a mantra phrase such as that one and "keying" it to a physical sign of distress such as rapid breathing or increased heart rate can make triggering automatic, thereby enabling you to persist in uncovering the lessons learned by means of these traumatic past life events.

I would not, however, recommend doing this to anyone inexperienced at meditation or self-regression. If you know only of traumatic past lives, then seeking the aid of a professional regressionist who can help you distance when you encounter something distressing is crucial, IMO. Such a person can also suggest techniques for distancing when and if you decide to access past lives for yourself. A "safeguard" is always helpful, IMO.

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10 years ago  ::  Oct 15, 2008 - 10:32AM #22
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Hi Shawna,
Welcome, to BN forums, I hope your visits will be enjoyable. Your posts struck me very intersting...
In my new book "The Evidence of God's Existence" - I've  explained the key to searching for past-lives by reminescing of places and times of utmost interest to you. This works for everyone, no matter how deep and depressed PL memories would be.  One can rekindle these by thinking of places and times of the past. Of course, reaction, responses might differ. In your case, it seems you are meant to see that DVD and react the way you did in order to bring this experience forth. This is how it happens. Something (someone) wanted you to remember and reconnect that experience. Your job is to find it out why. BUT - Do not dwell too much on the past, you have a new life , a new task to figure out but putting things in perspective (knowing your history) will help.

Andras (CJ)

I am new to the forum and a bit nervous about this post. I'm currently a psychology student and consider myself reasonably intelligent with strong analytic skills. Yet, I've recently had an experience I've not been able to explain away. Here is a little background.

I've always been interested in Ancient Egypt. When I say always, I mean I can't remember a time when I wasn't. I've read every kind of book and watched every documentary I had access to about Egypt, and one of my life goals was to visit there and see the monuments and temples with my own eyes. I even acquired some basic skills with hieroglyphics and had my own copy of the Book of the Dead.

Recently, I borrowed a copy of a documentary (I can't remember the title, but I could find out), and the most unexpected and troubling thing happened. About half way through the DVD, which depicted lesser known sites, began a segment on a temple built on a small island in a river, a tributary of the Nile, I think. The sight of the building, mostly in ruins, created an overpowering feeling of grief and loss. That's the only way I can describe it. I started shaking and crying. Even now I'm fighting the urge to cry. It was a grief as jolting as that of when my father died. Thankfully my husband was sound asleep and didn't wake. I stifled the sobs as much as I could (I was so embarrassed), turned off the TV, and went into the bedroom. After a couple of minutes I was able to compose myself, but the feeling of grief and loss remained. It still does. I can't remember what the narrator said about the temple, and I don't want to. My whole attitude about Egypt changed. In that moment, when I was watching that DVD, the ruins and temples and pyramids I used to love reading about went from fascinating artifacts to dead dry bones devoid of everything that once made them remarkable and beautiful. The life was gone. The sincerity, the happiness, the anger, the love, everything that lived in and around those ancient buildings was gone. I never want to go there now because I feel it would be like going to a graveyard. It's dead to me.

So... am I creating this myself some how? Am I so wrapped up in my interest that I did this for effect or drama? I don't know. I'm a rational person, though I'm sensitive (I've been told that often). Perhaps I felt overwhelmed because of my sensitive nature. I can say that I don't remember ever hearing or reading about this particular temple before. When the name was stated I thought to myself, "Oh good. A temple I haven't heard of before." It wasn't the name of the temple that triggered my reaction, just the image of it. I haven't since watched or read anything about Egypt. It just isn't the same for me.

A small sidebar to this post, whenever I see anything in the news or reference to Egypt's official Muslim religion, it feels wrong. It's not that I object to Islam. It's just wrong for that country, almost unnatural.

Am I delusional? Please don't flame me.

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10 years ago  ::  Oct 21, 2008 - 7:12PM #23
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Hi, no you ar not delusional.  My god mother once said, " If you remember having been somewhere, when you cross that path again, then you probably were."
God's Peace to You.
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