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11 years ago  ::  Nov 09, 2007 - 1:42PM #1
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Remember those FEMA trailors made for Katrina victims that were deemed too toxic for human habitation? Guess who are the first lucky recipients?:mad: … 9fema.html
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11 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2007 - 12:15PM #2
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I posted the following message on the racism board, and I hope I am not violating ROC rules by posating it here also. If I am, I suppose it will be removed.

Denise Breton

Dear WACAN readers and organizers,

We're out here, but we're also swamped.  Here in Minnesota, the struggle is against the genocide of the Dakota People starting in 1862 and continuing ever since.  Now Minnesota is gearing up for "celebrating" 150 years of statehood, and that is on par with celebrating the glorious Third Reich, as far as the Dakota are concerned.  In 1862, Governor Ramsey told the Minnesota State Legislature that "The Sioux people of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state."  He then executed that policy with concentration camps, death marches, bounties, forced removals, the largest mass execution in US history, and terrorist attacks on Dakota people and communities here and in neighboring states.  Few whites here know how we came to this land, so that we can now benefit from its riches, and some of those who have been told have the reaction, "That's too bad, but I'm celebrating anyway."  A Minnesota legislator said precisely that.  So clearly there's huge w
ork to do all over the country.

With friends and family, I started a nonprofit publishing company on restorative justice, and our third book, In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors: The Dakota Commemorative Marches of the 21st Century by Waziyatawin Angela Wilson documents this history as well as what Dakota people are doing today to seek justice.

Waziyatawin is working on a follow-up book entitled: What Does Justice Look Like? The Dakota Struggle for Justice in Our Mnisota Homeland.  We at Living Justice Press are working hard to try to raise the funds to publish this book as well.  Most foundations have the "no books, no publications" rule for nonfiction publishing in social justice, so keeping our publishing going continues to be a major struggle.  We've all worked here on a pro-bono basis for 5 years now, so that all the money can go into the books.

If you're interested in our books (or donating), our web site is:

So I just want you to know we're out here and working hard, which is why I don't respond.  But I'm so grateful for your work.

In joined struggle for justice,


Executive Director
Living Justice Press
2093 Juliet Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
Tel. (651) 695-1008
Fax. (651) 695-8564
web site:
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