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Switch to Forum Live View Ostlings - trying to get errata list.
10 years ago  ::  Jul 22, 2008 - 2:10PM #61
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After an incredible number of delays, I finally got my list off in the mail this morning.

I figure that by the end of the week it'll be in HarperOne's offices.
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10 years ago  ::  Jul 22, 2008 - 4:07PM #62
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[QUOTE=dorjem;342992]Ironhold:5. On page 104, they need to add a disclaimer stating that Mormon Doctrine isn't regarded as canonical.

For many years, the people of the Church did accept Mormon Doctrine to be cannon. Remember, "whether it be by my own voice or those of my servants, it is the same." So if what God says is not cannon then what is?[/QUOTE]

One problem with that: McConkie wasn't a General Authority when he wrote the first edition of the book, and (although I admit I don't have the reference to back this up right now) the General Authorities since he started writing it all the way to his death asked him, even told him, to not write the book.  Probably because they felt a little of the kind of mess and frustration it would cause, being that it's called "Mormon Doctrine".  Sure the guy was smart and obviously spiritually in-tune, but there are some things in there that are just flat-out wrong!  Take the entry for "Cain" as an example.  There he explains that he, Cain, "was an associate of Satan," and that the two worked together in the pre-existence to try to overthrow God, and implies that Cain was one of the most valiant on Satan's side.  How exactly did Cain even get born, then?  Did he "slip through the cracks" and God made a mistake?  Sorry, it frustrates me to even think about it. 

Bottom Line: "Mormon Doctrine", while it has some Mormon doctrine in it, is just a good book by a man who was trying his best.  It is not, and never has been canon, and anyone who thought/thinks so, is mistaken. 

[QUOTE=dorjem;342992]Given all that, if there was an error every 23  pages, in my mind, that would be pretty good considering they are not Mormons. [/QUOTE]

You're right.  Even some books about Mormons, by Mormons, supporting Mormonism can't say they have so few errors!  Lots of kudos to them! :) 

[QUOTE=dorjem;342992]The truth does not need any defense Iron and I can guarantee you that if you approach anything or anybody with the purpose of finding out what is wrong with it or them, you are going to find it.[/QUOTE]

Yes, very true.  Truth doesn't need defense, we do.  And others who may/will be mislead by falsehoods need such defense to keep them from being "as the waves of the sea and tossed" by "cunning craftiness, whereby [many] lie in wait to deceive".  Not saying that's what "Mormon America" is, but just saying that defense, at times, is necessary.
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