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11 years ago  ::  Oct 18, 2007 - 1:46PM #1
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I've heard about this group but never attended a service.  I'm a big fan of mantra and kirtan - is there chanting and singing?  Are there kirtans I might know, or all they all new?

And what about group guided meditation?  And are BKs vegetarian by rule?  And is there ritual deity worship?
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2007 - 8:12PM #2
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Hi: I am hindu and though I am not familiar with this offshoot of hinduism, I believe it's for women, mostly?
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 05, 2008 - 1:06AM #3
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Hmm, IVe never heard of it. Now Im interested to know exactly what it is.:)
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10 years ago  ::  May 24, 2008 - 5:55AM #4
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I've heard about this group but never attended a service.  I'm a big fan of mantra and kirtan - is there chanting and singing?  Are there kirtans I might know, or all they all new?

And what about group guided meditation?  And are BKs vegetarian by rule?  And is there ritual deity worship?[/QUOTE]
The Brahma Kumaris have basically nothing in common with Hinduism which disavow. Neither is their meditation practise ancient or classical Raja Yoga ... although by a twist of their own logic, they like to claim it is.

The Brahma Kumaris are involved in mediumship and channelling. They claim that their founder, a millionaire businessman, was possessed by a spirit in 1936 which they believe is the God of all religions and call Shiva ... after the Hindu god. Strangely enough, there was actually no mention of this Shiva for approximately the first 20 years of their existence ... but you will quickly discover that historical and philosophical revision is the norm for the BKs.

So, their practise involves in hooking you into a relationship with this channelled spirit 100% ... mind, body and WEALTH. These folks want your money, or your family's wealth and getting followers to write out their Wills in the groups favor is a very common practise.

What are the basics of their faith?

The world is going to be destroyed and humanity annihilated. 6 Billion plus humans are going to die in an imminent and desirable series of nuclear holocaust, natural disaster and civil wars that will "purify" the world to make way for a heavenly "Golden Age" on earth for 900,000 of their faithful followers. If you are good, and follow their instructions, you might be lucky and join them as a subject in their future royal families. Naturally, only Brahma Kumari followers are going to experience this heaven.

They have predicted this "Destruction" as it is known internally to have happened on numerous occasions; WWII, 1950, 1976, mid-1980s, Year 2000 and are current predicting 2018 ... although it could happen anytime soon. Any minor blip is interpreted as a "sign" of impending doom and as a whip to encourage BK followers to give more, give up more, make more "efforts".

More? They believe that all of time is only 5,000 Years old with dinosaurs existing 2,500 year ago. They claim time is a cycle that repeats identically every 5,000 years, so in 5,000 years you will be reading this all over again just as you are now.

More!?! If you join, basically, you will be gradually asked to give up any connections with your physical family, not to eat their food, not to go or eat out with them, not to share in basic entertainments ... the deeper you get in the more disciplines there are; no sex, no touching or affection, no looking ... getting up at 4am every morning to meditation on their God, going every day at 6am for class to listen to channelled messages he speaks through their mediums.

The upside? Well ... if you are a believer in all this ... you can travel to India and actually meet God (or the channelled entities that they believe is both God and their dead founder) in person. Apparently God comes down to meet and speak with the BKs personally for a few months every year popping into the body of an old Indian woman to do so. (They do make sure she has a clean set of underwear on each time!).

They are VERY secretive of the channelled messages called Murlis that they claims are God's words and do not let outsiders access them in their original form. Indeed, increasingly, they do not even let followers have copies of them.

On one hand, "God" is pretty unpolitically correct" ... on the other, they consider non-BKs are too "impure" to understand him. Yes, they are the only true religion, no one can gain salvation from anywhere else but them ... all other religions and objects of worship, e.g. Hindu gods, angels etc, are merely partial and impure memorial of them.

They believe that they are going to become 'angels of light' to save humanity leading us to their god come the End of the World. No other religion brings benefit.

They run numerous different named fronts and service programmes that make it quite difficult to track what they are up to and offer a variety of "soft" classes and courses to hook people in. Despite being a charity formed to alleviate poverty in some countries, e.g. the UK, they take £1,000,000 to £2,000,000 worth of donations but not re-distribute it (they have, however, built up a rather nice property portfolio worth multi-millions). In other countries, e.g the USA, they claim not to be a religion in order to get into politics, the armed forces etc, whilst at the same time being registered to train and fund a "clergy" promoting the above. it is believed that they are current training new mediums in the US as well.

Its goes on and on ... a good place to start is the Wikipedia page about them where plenty other resources can be found linked to.

Good luck. … University
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8 years ago  ::  Nov 23, 2009 - 3:19AM #5
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I love their Lemon grass juice. One time were at their ashram everybody was cool and nice...

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6 years ago  ::  Oct 19, 2012 - 1:14AM #6
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BKs are a global not-for-profit organisation and have been running since 1937. They have over 8,000 Centres for Spiritual Learning around the world.

To anyone interested in the Brahma Kumaris, which I highly can go to their global website:

This website also has lots of resources and classes on video. You can learn to meditate, see interviews with experienced meditators and spiritual practitioners. 

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