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11 years ago  ::  Oct 13, 2007 - 1:57PM #1
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Welcome to the Gnosticism  community!  Please introduce yourself in this thread.

Gnosticism is a mystical tradition, found in many religions, that encourages disciples to overcome material and bodily concerns, and pursue direct communion with the Divine.

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11 years ago  ::  Oct 19, 2007 - 7:06PM #2
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"Gnosticism is a mystical tradition, found in many religions, that encourages disciples to overcome material and bodily concerns, and pursue direct communion with the Divine."

With what little I know of the mystics and the Cathars, I would think that Gnosticism might have a lot to offer in bridging some of the major problems between the Children of Abraham.

May the Peace of Shekinah be with you.
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10 years ago  ::  Aug 03, 2008 - 9:16PM #3
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Greetings and Blessing to all. I am an innfaith minister, and was a Gnostic Priestess for about 12 years. I recently joined beliefnet, and I am looking for people of like mind. Shanti Rev. Jan
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10 years ago  ::  Aug 27, 2008 - 10:36AM #4
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I consider myself a Gnostic Christian.
Gnostic in that I believe that discovering what is within the psyche is equivalent to disovering the secrets of the universe.
Christian in the sense Pelagius meant it - "You will realize that doctrines are inventions of the human mind, as it tries to penetrate the mystery of God. You will realize that Scripture itself is the work of human minds, recording the example and teaching of Jesus. Thus it is not what you believe that matters; it is how you respond with your heart and your actions. It is not believing in Christ that matters; it is becoming like him."
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8 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2010 - 2:46PM #5
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Hi. Like one of the posts above, I also consider myself a Gnostic Christian. I suppose the Valentinian school seems to resonate well with my current understanding, but I'm not necessarily honor-bound to any system.

I look forward to conversing with others during this journey to attain true gnosis.

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4 years ago  ::  Feb 23, 2014 - 7:50PM #6
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Hello all. I'm Rye and I wish to introduce myself.

I am a recently rebirthed gnostic and believe me, I've got a lot to talk about when it comes to knowledge and the universe. My issue was that during my whole life, I encountered a world that largely doesn't like to talk about spiritual matters,

which ultimately leads me here. I would love to find a community of like-minded believers.

While poking around the net for such a community, I discovered that there are many flavors of gnostics. My beliefs in particular lean toward Plato's Theory of Forms, a high realm of perfection from which our reality is a shadow, governed by a fundamental universe composed of Truth symbols.

I first encoutnered this realm of symbols when I was around four, and have been attracted to symbolism, metaphor, and correspondence my whole life because of it. This hasn't been easy trying to explain to even those closest to me. I kind of grew up spiritually isolated.

But anyhow, what's past is past, and now I feel like I'm on my true path - and that is of knowledge. I'm something of a self-described epistemologist and universal philosopher :)

How do you do?

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