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3 years ago  ::  Oct 24, 2015 - 9:44AM #1
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Approximately 15 years ago, I entered a new religion into the Catholic site.   At that time my only choice was Catholic Doctrine and Dissent.  Obviously I chose Dissent.   Subsequently, my Religion of Truth was correctly moved into the Discuss Other Relgions site.


I didn’t believe that it would remain as isolated and unknown as it is today.   However, I am also aware that the human race at times accepts change only when some kind of catastrophe dictates that such change must occur.


I sincerely hope that ISIS does not represent that catastrophe but it appears that it might.  Their beliefs are such that even though they are causing havoc on civilization at large, they believe that in the long run, they are actually saving lives.


They believe that once the entire world accepts their understanding about reality, the world will forever after live in peace and harmony.  What they fail to realize is the following simple axiom:


Any belief system that tries to attract or keep followers by force or coercion disqualifies itself from the authenticity that they believe that they have ascertained.


In this regard, I would much prefer to see the R of T spend 15 years in obscurity, rather than have it put forward such practices as listed above.   The Religion of Truth will gain acceptance voluntarily --- or not at all.   


We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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