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3 years ago  ::  Sep 22, 2015 - 10:40AM #1
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Messianic-Jews or Jews-for-Jesus?

After I was invited to attend services at a congregation of Messianic-Jews I came about with the following thread which I would like to share here with you:

There is no such a thing as "Messianic-Jews" or "Jews-for-Jesus". The hyphenate Jew does not exist. A Jew is a Jew and a Christian is a Christian. There is no such a thing as a Christian-Jew or a Jewish-Christian.

I am reminded of the time of Elijah and the "Jews-for-Baal." Elijah got 850 of their prophets and charged at them by asking, how long will you straddle the issue between HaShem and Baal? If HaShem is God, follow Him but, if it is Baal, follow him! (I Kings 18:18-21) But no, they wanted to keep their Jewish identity while serving Baal. He invited them down to brook of Kishon and slew them all there.

The same phenomenon is happening today. People want to keep their Jewish identity while living as Christians. Exactly straddling the issue between the gospel of Jesus and that of Paul. Just as Paul used to do, straddling the issue between the Law according to his mind and sin according to his flesh. (Rom. 7:25)
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