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Switch to Forum Live View Who was this man I met in Church? A Catholic trying to figure out what type of 'Messenger' it was.
5 years ago  ::  Aug 08, 2013 - 11:17AM #1
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 Here is the story. Its very interesting.  anyone please let me know if you have input.

This story is very true, and coming from a man that prays for discernment on all things super natural.  The man I met told me I was not to tell of other about him because his vocation is a secret and when I pressed him to tell me what he actually did for a vocation he smiled and asked firmly said, "Are you a Cardinal?' Obviously I said no half smiling "then he told me that he is only accountable speak to the cardinals alone. I was like the woman at the well when Jesus told her not to tell anyone of his meeting her.  I know what she felt. When she told the town that they is this man who told that knew everything about her.  She broke her promise and I suspect that this man  knew I might break mine.  I hate that I am but i helps in discernment.  So please keep this private. I have told my wife, and close spiritual confidant , but I feel I must relay this to you for your feedback since you are well studied on the subject.t Perhaps you know more about these types of special people.

Let me just tell you you what happened yesterday.

After I dropped of my child to school I go to adoration. I normally kneel on the rug  which is center in front of the Tabernacle (if nobody is there) for more intimacy.

This time there was someone in my usual spot which is not normal since its early in the morning and the church is normal pretty empty. So I went up to the Tabernacle and sat in a pew  behind the man.  He turned and looked at me with a smile. The man was Latino looking, heavy set with a brown scapular wearing a blue shirt with  shorts, and sandals. He offered to move aside for to kneel next to him as if he knew that was 'my spot.'  I just said' oh that's okay I will just kneel here; there is not  enough room for us both.' He smiled  a friendly smile then said"there is always enough room for God' but respected my wishes.

We both finished praying at the same time and, i forget how the conversation started, it we began to talk as I stood up.  I asked him his name, 'Joe'  he said I laughed and told him that was my name. and somehow we got onto the subject of the Knight's of Columbus after he mention he was a member.  He asked if I wanted to sit down and talk about it with him. Something was odd in a good but interesting  way about the man so I agreed to sit with him.  I told him my father was a knight and told me that that there was some big secrete he could never tell us hidden in in the order. Not even my mom knew it. He told me that was true, but he could not tell me. He said if I was a knight I could tell no one not even my wife.  He told me not to believe the things told about that secret on the internet because the secrete is well kept.  I expressed that i really wished I knew what it was and that I would joint the knights just to find it out.  He said, 'Don't worry about the secret, do you have a nice suit?" I said yeas "then he told me 'Then you'll be fine."  What that means I have no idea.  But I began to feel that there was more to this man than meets the eye. I am very cautious about these thing...very cautious. I have met bad people or things that look like people that I just avoid, but I am no visionary by any means.

I noticed his brown scapula. I showed him that I had one as well. Then he saw my Benedictine cross.  He was happy to see it.  'Oh you have a Benedictine cross, have you had it blessed."  I told yes by a deacon, was that okay?  He told me That For the metal to be properly blessed holy water and a Benedictine prayer had to be said by a priest over it.  That way it will be a powerful tool against demons.  "would you like a properly blessed medal?' he asked   I said ' sure ' and we went outside to his car and he pulled out a bag filled with holy water and Benedictine metals floating inside like gold fish.. He asked if I had a child. I said yes and said she was 4.  He told me to place it below her bed mattress and pray for her protection because these metals would anger the demons .

Then he asked if I wanted to go back inside to talk more. I felt compelled to follow because there was something so otherworldly about this man. As I was about to find out.

As we sat in the church we got to talking about him.  I asked him about what he did for a living. He at first said, I I am just a messenger, I go where I am led." He had no phone, no computer just a decent car and his bag of metals.  I asked "then whats your message" That's when he asked me if I was a Cardinal that his vocation was a secret one.  I asked, "Are there more like you?'   He answer quickly, "three, I believe, in this country, but,' he warned don't tell others about me.  We are a secret. There are servants of a darker power who are trying to eliminate men like him.  He warned that some men dress as priests but serve the government and that he was never safe. But that he was protected by God."He mentioned that the reality of the safety of this country was an illusion and that it could tip at any moment. It seem to imply he was , a spiritual CIA type guy sort of  revealing himself to me, So my conspiracy nut detectors when way up.

I said then asked 'what  is your strongest gifts of the holy spirit?"  He told me vaguely and knowing that I was not giving up on this revelation of who he  was.  'that he works and councils nuns in a special way and that it was a very rare and unique vocations. he told me that he works mostly with the elder nuns, but does speak to the lower novitiates from time to time, but would not tell me what his council meant, that only a Cardinals could hear.

He asked me what my vocation was. I was an artist. I told him I was married but what I felt I would do with my life to do a graphic novel about the life of Christ as told by the mystics. I told him that if would focus on grace's role in int the world and that I would use three apostles to depict that story in a semi fictional; way because during Christs life  not much was written on them personally as men and what role Jesus played in changing their perceptions of life based on  his teaching and the Grace he offered.  He liked the idea but asked me to describe the disciples. In many occurrences he would look at the cross as if talking  with a smile and then tried to explain who the three apostles really were as men and how off I was.  Peter was the most impulsive, like an eager child always wanting to please. Judas had a faith in the king Messiah and betrayed Jesus because he simply did not fill the bill that the  current belief in the messiah was, that of a returning king.  He then told me that John was the most adult in the group. Took Jesus seriously and Was a faithful follower to the very end and this l why he was at the cross and  was given watch over Mary.  This man kept looking at the statues in trying to  get me to understand these apostles.  He would look at the cross,and ask, 'does he understand,... okay," look back at me and say "i am told you dont understand. '  He explained the role of the angles and  what makes them happy, why god permitted Satan 100 years more to tempt us that pope Leo or was it  Pius heard He said this is all to prove to Satan that God is sovereign No matter how much leeway Satan had. It was to prove a point, not to Satan, but to all of us..  He told me how to make my book but warned that it would take a very long time.

He told me Medjugorje was true but several South American visionaries were false too, and not to believe them. Honestly i had not ever heard of the.   I only knew of Guadalupe.
It was time to go for me I had work to do. and he seemed eager you get going because he said "i normally don't give this much time to someone, but I do have other things I have to do."
I asked him if I would see him again says maybe, but it felt more like no.

Lastly, I told him my wife would find this whole meeting fascinating. He told me "she wont believe you."  And she didn't until after a rosary and a very hard conversation about trust.. He  told me not to worry about the bigger problems in the heavens and in the church , but instead to pray the rosary with my wife every night.  To set aside time for it. It was important. I agreed. And the Rosary was very healing to us last night.

I stood up to leave and I had to say it, 'You know, you talk an awful lot like an angel. Are you an angel?"
He laughed, "I get that a lot ..No' he said. "I am a man just like you.  But also know that I am not a demon either. I have to be constantly tested for this to be kept safe.( by spiritual leaders it was implied.)  Then he turned to head back to his car. I shook his hand goodbye and said thank you.  'Joseph,' he told me.  " pray to God that you do not forget what we have talked about, because if you do not pray for this the memory will be taken from you. This happens to many people I met with.  This is a very rare gift you have been given." I agreed and as I walked back to my car I wondered who I just met.  Who was 'Joe?' I prayed that I would not forget our meeting and went back there the next day, this morning, to see if I would see him again. I brought my wife. Nope.  He was gone and I doubt I will see him in this life again.

Any ideas as to who this man was.  What kind of spiritual councilors where so elite that there was only three in the country who only report to Cardinals.  I dont think this guy was a fraud. You would have top be there to know that like I do.  I was a guy who went to Medjugorje last year and questioned everything. Accepting nothing at face value, only though prayer   The most powerful moment there was when once again I was alone at dusk climbing cross mountain. I never felt closer to God and Mary as I climbed praying.Once I got to the cross, tired,  God came to me  not in signs  and wonders but as a  nice cooling breeze, and an inner feeling of peace that made it impossible for me to wipe the smile from my face..

Please offer any insights you can for me one this.  I am sincere so please dont insult me. I am going out on a limb her and I know I am not a great writer.  Thanks

best, joe

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