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6 years ago  ::  Jun 22, 2012 - 11:33AM #1
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It is worth reading - and saving. You can download a pdf.
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6 years ago  ::  Jun 22, 2012 - 3:17PM #2
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Jun 22, 2012 -- 11:33AM, WaveringCC wrote:

It is worth reading - and saving. You can download a pdf.


Thanks for the link (I think...)  I'm on the road this weekend, so I've only been able to give this one a good skim.  But what strikes me is that what this guy talks about plays out over and over in the Vatican and the chancery offices of the church time and time again.  It's the story of people "of faith" and in positions of power, who are extremely selective as to how and when they choose to use their power, and when they won't.  That's the problem with the Legionaires, it's at the root of the problem with the scandal, and a host of other things. 

It's not easy to run a large organization, ANY large organization, if you want to do it right.  What's odd in all of this, and what's costing the church so dearly these days, is that when the orgainzation is "faith based," has built itself on the belief that its leadership has powers "above" those of the rest of us, and that somehow or other, God acts through those leaders, the whole thing can "flip" on you if it turns out that that "selectivity" we see in this guys story becomes an everyday occurrance.  It's great to talk of the dignity of life, for example, but if that dignity is seen to be selective, such that the unborn are to be protected and respected above all others, but teenagers are deemed to be expendible (as but one example), then pretty soon that message of pro life can and SHOULD be challenged.  When the message on human sexuality is drilled over and over at the laity, and then it comes out that probably 40% of the clergy is gay, or that bishops are well aware of that not only have priests fathered children, but those priests are allowed to STAY in their position, pretty much leaving those families out on their own, again pretty soon those messages on sexuality and responsibility beg to be challenged.

I think the real problem is that those at the top don't see any of this as a double standard.  They've always got convenient little ways to dismiss the problems (didn't benedict recently call the abuse by priests a "mystery?")

The real story of the Legion is a lot less about a charismatic jerk who was the leader, and a LOT more about the MANY along the way, including popes, who CHOSE, over and over, to look the other way, for whatever reasons they may have had.  Again, the message becomes clear: just about EVERYTHING is on the table and can be bargained around, under the right conditions.  At its core, that pretty much guts all this stuff about "truth," does it not?

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