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Locked: Local Guidelines ~ Please read before posting
6 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2012 - 5:30PM #1
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General Local guidelines for all of Beliefnet's  Discussion, Dialogue and Debate forums

Welcome to the  Beliefnet Religion Debate Forum. Here you are invited to debate the validity and  relative merit of various beliefs and practices and other hot topics.

In  these forums, you will find people with whom you do not agree.

You must  be courteous to your opponents, even if you find their beliefs offensive. Make your case, or refute other views, but please focus on  discussing ideas, and do not make negative comments about Beliefnet members.  Provocative and controversial comments are invited, within limits: to avoid  having your posts deleted, please review the Rules of Conduct (ROC) before posting, to learn the  limits on language, name-calling, hate speech, copyright, solicitation,  impersonation, complaints, privacy etc.

Do not post complaints on the boards. Use the report post link report a particular post.

You are  invited to talk about your own faith and how it affects you, but please respect the rights of others to follow their own religious beliefs, even if you  think those beliefs are false. Attempts to convert someone to a different faith are generally unwelcome here and against the ROCs of Beliefnet.
Discuss Seventh-Day Adventist Local Guidelines:

Debate the validity and relative merits of  Seventh-day Adventism.
You must be courteous to all, even those whose beliefs you find offensive. Make your case, or refute other  views, but do not make negative remarks about other members. Express opinions within the limits of the Rules of Conduct.

This board is not  designed as a community for any particular group; it is an open debate welcoming  both followers and critics of Seventh-day Adventism.
Beliefnet encourages Seventh-day Adventists to visit the Welcome: Seventh-day Adventists Forum to seek community with each other. 

For discussion with Seventh-day Aventists only go to Seventh-day Adventists Forum.

Beliefnet Community Wide Moderator ~ Peace Love Stardove

People change for two main reasons: either their minds have been opened or their hearts have been broken.

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