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4 years ago  ::  Jun 11, 2014 - 3:31AM #41
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Jun 10, 2014 -- 10:11AM, Aka_me wrote:

having free will is evidence of having a soul... because abstract reasoning, both in understanding the underlying nature of reality (fire, electricity, etc) IS the decision making power behind free will, and is only possible due to the soul.

Aside from the question as to whether or not humans have freewill - 'freewill' is shaping up to be just one more unfounded belief - the ability to reason abstractly does not imply the possession of a "soul", if by the latter you mean something that exists independent of the brain. Tell me, Aka_me, do you believe in contra-causal freewill?

It has also been established that some other primates have a nascent capacity to reason. Would this imply that they also have nascent "souls"?

Science is on the very cusp, if it hasn't already achieved it [it was reported just this week that a machine has finally past the extremely exacting 'Turing Test'] of engineering robots with the capacity to think abstractly, which would certainly not imply that machines have "souls".

Your assertion that "the decision making power behind free will ... is only possible due to the soul" is a postulation that doesn't enjoy an iota of empirical support from the brain and cognitive sciences. It is a mere belief equivalent to the view of that Thetans are responsible for all of our negative emotions, or those teachings to be found in the fourth chapter of the Book of Abraham that you claim defy science.

The billions of neurons that comprise the human brain with their trillions of connections is sufficient to explain the brains capacity to think or reason abstractly - along with a whole ensemble of other evolved capacities - with no magical substance required. The neuro and cognitive sciences now know that most of our actions and decisions escape conscious introspection and control. Your actions and decisions are profoundly shaped by unconscious processes to which you are not privy. The actions of the supposedly sovereign "I" are determined by habits, instincts, and impulses that largely bypass conscious inspection. This lack of awareness extends to the highest regions of the mind. 

You have all your work still ahead of you, Aka_me, if you want to insist, without evidence, that the human ability to reason abstractly implies the possession of a "soul".

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