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Switch to Forum Live View Jehovah's Witnesses never supported the Nazi's
4 years ago  ::  May 31, 2014 - 9:43AM #181
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"During the past year, and contrary to God's law and in violation of our rights, you have forbidden us as Jehovah's Witnesses to meet together to study God's Word and worship and serve Him. In His Word he commands us that we shall not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. (Hebrews 10:25) To us Jehovah commands: 'Ye are my witnesses that I am God. Go and tell the people my message.' (Isaiah 43:10, 12; Isaiah 6:9;"


Do you see those words in red above,  Newt?  They are from your quote of one of your JW publications.


And right there is the written proof - from the officials of your org! - that they absolutely DO practice 'replacement theology'.   The Torah was not written to JW's.


Speaking of GREED - it's not always materialistic!  One is no less a miser for storing up their treasure in heaven.  And the JW behavior is that of the proverbial 'dog in the manger':   they claim the Sinai Covenant is not salvific, it's 'ended' - but they insert themselves into it.  If that "New" Covenent is all they claim - what need do JW have of trying to take over the Sinai Covenant and re-define it for their (imagined) advantage?


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4 years ago  ::  May 31, 2014 - 10:12AM #182
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May 31, 2014 -- 6:04AM, Newtonian wrote:

Oeste - As Grace explained, but you continue to ignore, we have no feelings or teachings of anti-semitism.

Rutherford was not referring to the Jewish race.    He was referring to materialistic people "who call themselves Jews."   Obviously, these ones were not being faithful to Jewish teachings.

Ignore? Oh, I have no intention of ignoring this at all Newt.

Don't worry about that!

If Rutherford "was not referring to the Jewish race", what other race  was he referring to, why would non-Jews need to be "faithful to Jewish teachings", and how or why did he draw an association between "materialistic people" and Jews  in the first place?

Never argue with stupid people. They will drag
you down to their level and then beat you with
experience ~ Mark Twain

If you are neutral on situations of injustice
you have chosen the side of the oppressor ~
Desmond Tutu
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4 years ago  ::  Jun 19, 2014 - 6:52AM #183
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Leah - On post 181 - you are on the wrong thread - see my thread on replacement theology - I will bump it for you - it is entitled: Jehovah's Witnesses do not teach Replacement Theology.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2015 - 1:05PM #184
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May 31, 2014 -- 6:23AM, Newtonian wrote:

Jul 6, 2011 -- 12:25PM, GraceFaith wrote:

Jul 6, 2011 -- 11:34AM, LeahOne wrote:

Here is some more information about that Declaration.....

And another site where the information can be viewed

I hope that helps.

At the first site did you take these comments into consideration?

Detlef Garbe

In the third edition of his book, Detlef Garbe stated: “Numerous judgments found in literature about the Wilmersdorf Declaration include erroneous criticism,or rather, are not fair to the text and the situation. Therefore, one could not say that Jehovah's Witnesses had professed antisemitism... or promoted themselves “as a possible ally.” Labels such as “congress supporting the Nazis”, “ or the assertion that the Watch Tower management had attempted to “conclude a pact with Hitler”... resulted from conclusions motivated by a desire to discredit [them] as in Gebhard's 1970 GDR documentation alleging the “criminal support of the antisemitic Hitler policy” in the Declaration.” He also notes that the charge of collaboration with the Nazis and other manufactured propaganda about the Witnesses was promoted by the East German Stasi in the 1960s.[11] Sadly today many professional historians and critics of Jehovah's Witnesses still use this “biased book”,[12] Published under the name of Manfred Gebhard.[13] This work “was based on a manuscript by [Guenther Pape, an excommunicated Witness who subsequently wrote strong accusations against his former religious associates] which he compiled at the end of the 1960s” Dr. Garbe refers to it as having, “distorted quotations” and is characterized by a “selective use of quotes”. Even Manfred Gebhard later expressly disassociated himself from the book and its “exaggerations and falsifications” “and called it a mistake that he had agreed to the use of his name without knowing the results.”[14]

Gabriele Yonan

Dr. Gabriele Yonan, Religious Scientist and “religious scholar”,[15] of the Free University of Berlin, stated: "When the entire text of the June 25, 1933 'Declaration of Facts,' along with the letter to Hitler is, in retrospect, put into the context of the history of Jehovah's Witnesses during the Nazi regime, their resistance, and the Holocaust, it consequently has nothing to do with 'antisemitic statements and currying favor with Hitler.' These accusations made by today's church circles are deliberate manipulations and historical misrepresentations, and their obvious motivation is the discomfort of a moral inferiority."[16] Penton and Yonan do not hold each other's perspectives in high regard, with Dr Penton in a 2004 publication describing Dr Yonan as a "Watch Tower apologist".[17]

Be blessed in Jesus, GTF

Yes, Grace.   In fact, we exposed Nazi atrocities when many would not believe these things.

The very next year (1934) we circulated a stronger resolution, as the National Holocaust Museum documents:


"In April 1933, four months after Hitler became chancellor, Jehovah's Witnesses were banned in Bavaria and by the summer in most of Germany. Twice during 1933, police occupied the Witnesses' offices and their printing site in Magdeburg and confiscated religious literature. Witnesses defied Nazi prohibitions by continuing to meet and distribute their literature, often covertly. Copies were made from booklets smuggled in mainly from Switzerland.

Initially, Jehovah's Witnesses attempted to fend off Nazi attacks by issuing a letter to the government in October 1934, explaining their religious beliefs and political neutrality. This declaration failed to convince the Nazi regime of the group's harmlessness. For defying the ban on their activities, many Witnesses were arrested and sent to prisons and concentration camps. They lost their jobs as civil servants or employees in private industry and their unemployment, social welfare, and pension benefits.

From 1935 onward, Jehovah's Witnesses faced a Nazi campaign of nearly total persecution...."

The 1934 resolution is then linked to:

As follows:

This letter dated October 7, 1934, was sent to the German government by every congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany. This declaration of political neutrality failed to convince the Nazi regime that the Witnesses were harmless.

To the Officials of the Government:

The Word of Jehovah God, as set out in the Holy Bible, is the supreme law and to us it is our sole guide for the reason that we have devoted ourselves to God and are true and sincere followers of Christ Jesus.

During the past year, and contrary to God's law and in violation of our rights, you have forbidden us as Jehovah's Witnesses to meet together to study God's Word and worship and serve Him. In His Word he commands us that we shall not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. (Hebrews 10:25) To us Jehovah commands: 'Ye are my witnesses that I am God. Go and tell the people my message.' (Isaiah 43:10, 12; Isaiah 6:9; Matthew 24:14) There is a direct conflict between your law and God's law, and, following the lead of the faithful apostles we ought to obey God rather than men,' and this we will do. (Acts 5:29) Therefore this is to advise you that at any cost we will obey God's commandments, will meet together for the study of His Word, and will worship and serve Him as He has commanded. If your government or officers do violence to us because we are obeying God, then our blood will be upon you and you will answer to Almighty God.

We have no interest in political affairs, but are wholly devoted to God's Kingdom under Christ His King. We will do no injury or harm to anyone. We would delight to dwell in peace and do good to all men as we have opportunity, but, since your government and its officers continue in your attempt to force us to disobey the highest law of the universe, we are compelled to now give you notice that we will, by His Grace, obey Jehovah God and fully trust Him to deliver us from all oppression and oppressors.

Reprinted and translated in Jehovah's Witnesses: Proclaimers of God's Kingdom (New York: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1993), p. 694."

Bump for Thomas who brought up Leah's comments again.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2015 - 1:12PM #185
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You all - as this site is becoming read only soon, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the National Holocaust Museum for reporting accurately what happenned during the Holocaust and for not going along with those who wish to distort the facts.

And also I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Grace Faith for her research in defense of our stand for Jesus Christ and against antiChrist Nazi propaganda.

And to thank also those of my brothers and sisters who gave their lives for their loyalty to Jesus Christ as our anointed King rather than going along with Hitler's requuirements which conflicted with Jesus' teachings.  

Specifically for not heiling HItler, not joining the Nazi party, not joining the German armies and being willing to die for this.

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