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8 years ago  ::  Feb 28, 2010 - 2:04PM #1
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A different Tactic --- (Submission # 1 of 2)

 This new topic thread should be looked upon as a tangent to the thread called --- Is there a God or not?  In this regard, there is a quotation that states that:  “Sometimes the best way to reach a meeting of the minds is to bang a few heads together.”

 If it could be said that I have been employing such a tactic in my original thread entitled --- Is there a God or not? --- It could also be said that I have not been successful.

 Then again, it is entirely possible that I have succeeded to a far greater degree than those whose heads I have presumably been banging together, are willing to admit to at this time.

 This type of phenomena is in keeping with the human characteristic that sees a person vehemently rejecting a certain line of advice or new knowledge only to realize that after a considerable amount of time and more intimate and intelligent reflection, the individual in question finally accepts what he or she had previously denied in such vigorous terms.

Nevertheless, I have decided to employ a different tactic in this new thread.  My quest for honesty forces me to inform you that the message that I wish to convey to you will seem somewhat circuitous and perhaps even off topic. 

 But trust me; if you are willing to journey with me through the following story, which I will convey to you in my next submission, I promise you that at its ending, it will make an exquisite point of immeasurable value.

I suggest that you treat this manufactured “time out” between submissions as an inevitable commercial interruption and act accordingly.  Get up and do 3 minutes of exercise.  Grab a healthy snack.  Say hello to the John.  But whatever you do, please come back at the end of this “commercial” time out.  --- See you on my next submission.     

We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Feb 28, 2010 - 2:21PM #2
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A DIFFERENT TACTIC (Submission # 2 OF 2)

Welcome back to those of you who have read my first submission in this new topic site.  My story concerns the discovery of Insulin by Dr. Frederick Banting, a simple country Doctor who succeeded where eminent scientists, some of whom had spent their entire lives looking for the cure to the deadly “sugar sickness,” had failed miserably.

These otherwise brilliant scientists knew that diabetes had something to do with a malfunctioning pancreas.  They also knew that an eminent German scientist named Langerhans, had discovered the Island of Langerhan cells, but he never could determine what these so-called “island cells” actually did.

Prior to Frederick Banting’s entry into the field of research concerning the sugar sickness, the learned scientists chopped up pancreatic tissue and made a “broth” or liquid solution from it. 

They then injected this solution into the diabetic body of a patient all to no avail.  The luckless patient died an excruciating death form his or her affliction.  What these brilliant scientists failed to understand, is that the Island of Langerhan cells made Insulin that was secreted directly into the bloodstream.

When they made a “broth” from their pancreatic tissue, they allowed the digestive juices that are also made in the pancreas, to tear apart the Insulin that their “chopping up” procedure allowed to happen.

Remember that these pancreatic digestive juices’ main job  is to tear apart the meat and other food substances that we eat.  Small wonder that this digestive juice promptly tore apart the exposed Insulin.

Through painstaking errors and myopic mistakes, Frederick Banting and his partner Charles Best, after a considerable amount of “wasted” time, finally used acidic alcohol to kill off the digestive juices first and “viola” there was the magical Insulin which keeps millions of people alive today.

Incidentally, this miracle happened right here in Toronto, approximately 87 years ago.  One of the best quotes from this story is as follows:  “Why do searchers seem always to have to go into the jungle of the unknown, blindfolded and backwards?”

Boss Kettering said, --- “All problems are simple after they are solved.”  Another appropriate quote here is one of my favorites.  “Truth is allowed but a short interval of time between the two long periods when it is either condemned as paradox, or belittled as trivial.”

Which of the following scenarios are you willing to embrace?  Did a Creator whose actual form is beyond our ability to comprehend, use evolutionary principles to bring into existence the Island of Langerhan cells? 

Or is the eminent scientist Richard Dawkins wrong?  Though he says that evolution is brought about by non random chance and it is no accident, is it nevertheless true that evolution is in reality, determined by random chance and blind luck? 

And further, does it follow from the above, that life itself is unintelligent design masquerading as intelligent design?  Please, don’t insult my intelligence, limited as it naturally must be.

May the imaginary Saints preserve us!!  The exquisite point of immeasurable value that I promised to you in the first submission in this site, has reared its incredible and wondrous “head.”  In this story about the discovery of Insulin, is the inescapable conclusion that to believe in a Creator is far more reasonable than it is to beleive in the Atheistic theory that everything, including all forms of life itself, were brought into existence by random chance and blind luck. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with me.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 

Cheers to all,

Steve Adams       




We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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