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8 years ago  ::  Jan 27, 2010 - 1:59PM #1
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One of the most intriguing aspects of our computer age is the “passive” censorship that pervades the internet itself.  On the one hand, one could say that the internet provides us with the ultimate expression of free speech. 


 But on the other hand, this ultimate freedom makes it impossible for a person to read everything that is submitted into the unending volume of internet sites.  It is this aspect of our internet age that inflicts a “passive”, yet “massive”, level of censorship upon us.


 Why should these words that you are reading at this very moment, stand out from among the billions of words that an internet reader must necessarily and personally “edit?”  The very existence of the internet demands that ones message separate itself from the millions of other messages as surely as a kernel of grain is separated from the chaff.


The Religion of Truth is destined to become the ultimate expression of the human desire to embrace religion.   The dictionary definition of religion is a belief in a Creator, “God” to the Christian religion and “Allah” to the Islamic religion.


In the Religion of Truth, such a Creator is described in three different ways; which means that even this definitive statement for the Religion of Truth is not written in stone.  As are all beliefs in the ROT, this one also is subject to change in accordance with the human potential to increase our knowledge.


With these limitations in mind, and at this time in human history, Jan. 27/2010, the ROT refers to our Creator as  --- The First Cause --- The Life Force --- or in its simplest form, --- our Creator.   


Let us not pretend that we know more than we actually do.  Let us use our imaginary powers to help us to transfer portions of the vast unknown into our ever increasing storehouse of knowledge. 


Let us stop inflicting upon the human race, superstitious and/or mythical beliefs because we have allowed our distorted fear of the unknown to deflect us into irrational conclusions about the reality of our existence.


At this juncture, an Atheist might say that the Religion of Truth is guilty of the same flaw as are all of the existing religions; namely, that they systematically fall back upon the use of double talk. 


 On the one hand, the ROT’s main stated purpose is to eliminate all vestiges of superstition and/or myth; but on the other hand, it asks its potential followers to believe in a “God” or Creator that it cannot definitively prove the actual existence of.


It is for the above reason that my advertisement for the ROT uses the following words:  “It (the ROT) will seek to eliminate all vestiges of superstition and/or myth.”  Since we cannot know the entirety of what is required to understand our existence in this world, then I postulate that in believing in a Creator as the ROT does, we are engaging in the least level of superstition and/or myth that the human race is capable of at this time.  


And still further, the reality of our existence, seems to dictate that the belief in a Creator is either just as valid as is the belief in Atheism, or more probably, it is even more valid than such a belief.


While it is true that I cannot definitively prove the existence of a Creator, neither can an Atheist definitively prove that reality itself, including our very own personal existence, is nothing more than random chance dictated by accident alone.


Please do yourself the favor of reading the entire book written by Richard Dawkins (an Atheist) called, “The Greatest Show on Earth.”  In particular pay special attention to the last two or three pages of the book.


Marvel with me, if you will, at the all invasive conclusions that Richard Dawkins reaches to show that order prevails even where our “senses” seem to indicate that only random chance is at work.  


Marvel with me again, if you will, at the relatively obvious conclusions that the study of evolution first presented in favor of random chance without the need of a Creator; only to eventually find out that this newly acquired knowledge (evolution),when further expanded upon by an even higher levels of acquired knowledge, shows itself not to  be favoring a belief in Atheism, but rather, evolution actually provides us with a deeper level of appreciation for the intellectual powers of our Creator.


A level of understanding that eclipses the understanding of the Christian (God) or the Islamic (Allah) that was put forward by our ancestors in accordance with the level of knowledge that was available to them at that time in our distant past.


The human condition is such that the level of superstition that we are willing to embrace is in direct proportion to the accumulated knowledge that we have acquired at any one specific time in our history.


Two thousand years ago, the Christian fable seemed appropriate and believable, as did the Islamic religion when it was first proposed.  Today, The Religion of Truth fulfills that function of appropriateness.


The question then, is simply this.  Do I have the intellectual skill, --- the perseverance that is necessary, --- the will to press on in spite of the “passive” censorship of this internet technology, --- do I have the courage to not only  express my undying love of the human race as a whole, but to lead it into deeper levels of harmony among all peoples? 


And still further, do I have the patience, in combination with the clarity of communicative skills, to direct the human race towards deeper levels of knowledge for the ultimate success of the human race as a whole, to overcome any and all threats to the continued existence of our species and as many of the other species of life here on earth that we can possible save?

Long live the human race!  Long live the truth!  


We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Jan 29, 2010 - 10:44AM #2
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Hello again:

In my efforts to get this Religion Of Truth off the ground and in flight, I am encountering a general distrust and disgust for organized religion itself.   I am wondering if I should have left the word RELIGION out of the title for the new topic site called --- The Religion Of Truth. 

What worries me the most HOWEVER, is the unsettling belief that a series of escalating religious atrocities in the name of one God/Allah or the other, will be necessary before the Religion Of Truth is finally taken more seriously.

At the same time, I know that I must be patient.  I myself do not take kindly to change in areas that are new to me and that  I do not fully understand.  Like for instance, the unending changes that are always occurring in this computer technology.  We had an HP windows 98 computer that finally broke down about two months ago.

Perhaps it was better that it did because I, as well as my wife to a lesser degree, were forced to finally give up on floppy disks and buy some CD's.   Within a week or less, we learned that CD's were almost obsolete and now we (read me) are trying to understand the use of USB technology. 

This of course is the direct opposite of most if not all of the existing religions.  They despise change and even make up songs glorifying the end of change.   In Christianity one of those songs says: --- All may change but Jesus never.  Glory to his name.

In reality, the only thing permanent in life is change itself.   It is this concept that the Religion Of Truth will wholeheartedly embrace.   It is this journey towards deeper levels of understanding that will be the goal for those who follow The Religion Of Truth.   This is your invitation to come along for the ride.  It promises to be a rocky one but its ultimate destination will be well worth the bumps in the road.

You see, I am not talking about a new home for you, or myself or our loved ones; I am talking about a new home for the entire human race.   If you come along for the ride, you will become aware of a self-published book of mine called, --- The Human Mind.   It will put forward ideas that will revolutionize the way we understand how the human mind functions. It willl state that President Delano Roosevelt's famous quotation must now be changed as follows: --- WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT OUR LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF FEAR ITSELF.

There are plenty of extra seats available on this ride called the Religion Of Truth.  Are you courageous enough to come along at its beginning or do you prefer to follow the crowd?  Gee whiz, we are talking about how one reacts to the emotion of fear here aren't we?  Don't be a stranger, lets hear what you have to say about the ideas expressed in this --- OPEN BLOG.  Smile               

We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 9:43PM #3
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Blog # 3


Approximately 11 years ago, I was watching a special ABC program exploring the topic of religion when I became aware of an ad for the website called, ---

I was excited by the chance to tell “the truth” on this new internet medium, instead of being preached to in a “physical” church.  I put forward the concepts for the Religion Of Truth and for a variety of reasons, I was given my own site on “Other Beliefs” in the old beliefnet site.  

Unfortunately, I have forgotten, or perhaps never learned how to hyperlink properly so I cannot give you such a direct link into that site.  I love this new technology but even though I believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks, (I'm 72) the (dog) might just forget the whole thing under the least amount of stress or God knows what. 

In effect, one could say that I am resurrecting the Religion Of Truth on this new, more up to date technology being employed by today.  Recently, I asked Martha Ainsworth, who one could address as one of the founding “mothers” of, if she would be willing to give me my own board for this resurrection.

 Please be careful not to become disoriented because the word resurrection rhymes so closely with erection.  One could easily say that this is no time for humor but actually, almost any time is the right time for humor. Smile

 Now, where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself.  Oh yes, I was about to tell you that even though I sent Martha Ainsworth a snail mail letter about this situation, I have not received any reply from her at this time.

 This non-response from Martha is totally understandable.  Like many enterprises today, beliefnet has been forced to reduce its staff considerably.  The continued economic viability for beliefnet is of the utmost importance. 

 Without such success, you would not have the luxury of being able to read this message.  Smile  Notwithstanding my feeble attempts at humor, the above considerations, must necessarily be Martha Ainsworth’s primary focus of attention at this particular time.   Unlikely as it may seem, my desire to resurrect The Religion Of Truth, and the hierarchy at beliefnet’s desires to protect its economic well-being, may indeed be interrelated.   

 It is no secret that the existing religions are “aging” significantly.  That is, they are failing to keep their younger members and failing to attract new members also.  So much so, that they are concentrating much more in the Third World countries where the intellectual level of those inhabitants and their state of economic failure make the acceptance of Christianity and other such religions a more successful endeavor for the existing churches at large.  In an effort to shorten this elongated blog as much as possible,  I will defer any further discussion of this state of affairs until some other more appropriate time.

 I am in the process of distributing flyers to the two largest Universities here in the Toronto area.  Namely, the University of Toronto and the York University where I am at the present time.  My intention is to attract to the Religion  Of Truth, the very people who are avoiding the existing religions of today, almost as totally as our ancestors tried to avoid the plague in days of yore.

 If I am successful, the increased membership for would translate into increased revenue from beliefnet’s liberally placed advertisements, which in reality, are the life-blood of this internet site.   So if you enjoy visiting beliefnet, then I implore you to visit the new topic site called --- The Religion Of Truth.  I’ll have more to say (unfortunately) about this situation in my next “anticipated” Smile blog.

 Cheers to all.



We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 9:59PM #4
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Blog entry # 4

 In reference to the flyers that I am posting in the Toronto Universities, it is my responsibility to provide the shortest website address to any prospective person at those two Universities who might be interested in looking at my site in beliefnet.

 Originally I asked Martha Ainsworth if I could be given my own board so that the instructions to a new member from my flyers would simply be --- religionoftruth

 As I stated in my previous blog, Martha has not responded to this request which again I fully understand.   Even the major established religions in the beliefnet site do not have such a direct locator.

 The least I can do is prove to beliefnet that I can generate enough interest in this site to prove that they should give me some kind of special consideration.  It is the age old story of showing me (beliefnet) some success so that I (beliefnet) can have confidence in giving you even more success.

 With those thoughts in mind, I went ahead and created a new webpage in google sites.   That web address is --- --- This is the (locator) that I included in my flyer.  

 Unfortunately I was not able to tell such prospective members that once they accessed that site, that they also had to write the words --- The Religion Of Truth --- in the search engine that is provided on that page. 

 If one makes the “locator” instructions too long, one risks that the potential reader just says “to heaven with it all” and ignores the flyer.   Consequently I am hoping that any such potential readers of those flyers would activate the search engine rather than say this is all nonsense and give up before even reaching the necessary destination where my hyperlink is located.

 With the above problems in mind, and also the general attitude of the public at large to simply avoid the proliferating views on religion in general, I have failed thus far to attract any new members from this endeavor.

 But alas, the whole situation must be looked upon as a learning experience for me and I now have a new, and I hope much better idea about how to give more direct instructions for new members without making them wade through an elongated method of accessing the Religion Of Truth site.

 More on the trials and tribulations of a rookie creator of a new religion and his stumbling and fumbling attempts to make it happen.  It is not that the message itself that is flawed as much as it is the messenger's flawed understanding of internet and computer technology.   

I  need a crash course in the psychological concepts involved in getting people to do something that they believe is a waste of time; and doing so in a manner that they suddenly realize that what they thought was a waste of time, turns out to be a positive turning point in their very own personal journey through this life that we are all so lucky to be experiencing together.

 Never forget that each of us is representing everyone who has ever lived on the face of this earth before us.  It is our responsibility, as Abraham Lincoln was wont to say, to bring forth the better angels of our nature.  To bind up the wounds of those who have  fought for decency and fairness for a greater number of members of the human race than has ever been achieved before. 

That is the goal that the Religion Of Truth sets for those who have the courage to reach beyond what they previously believed was their ultimate  capacity to achieve.   To become better human beings than they ever thought that they could be.  I need your help to make this relatively new Religion Of Truth become the success that it so richly deserves. 

The human race deserves much better than what it is enduring right at this moment.  You deserve better than what you are achieving right now.  I am not specifically talking about economic success, I am talking about the following kind of success.  

When and if you ask yourself, what am I doing to thank my Creator for allowing me to experience the incredible miracle of life?  If your answer was like mine for most of my life, “not much”, then I enthusiastically implore you to join me in this meritorious battle to make the Religion Of Truth the success that the entire world deserves.

I am about to create a new topic site called --- Fun On Fridays --- even though it is actually Sunday night.  After all of this "serious preaching" Smile by me, a little humor is more than overdue.





Once they did this, they would then be on my own webpage where I provided them with a hyperlink that would send them directly into my new topic site called --- The Religion Of Truth.     

We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Mar 01, 2010 - 2:04PM #5
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Open Blog entry for March 1st./2010 --- re. Dr. Frank Turek

(Submission #1 of 3 about Frank Turek)

In the past, I have mentioned that I have been going up to the University campus at York U here in Toronto to place ads on their bulletin boards for this website.

While engaged in that activity, I was attracted to another sign which stated that a seminar entitled, --- “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist.”, would be happening on Friday night.  So I decided to attend.

The speaker was a Dr. Frank Turek.  We happened to say hello to each other in the washroom before the seminar got started and so when he came inside the lecture room and saw me, we chatted for a few moments with each other.

Part of the reason that this chat was possible was that I was sitting in the front aisle.  As a youth, I was too shy to speak up in front of the class so I always sat at the back.  I was determined to have an opportunity to ask a question when the allotted time for questions began and so there I was in the front row.

Unfortunately for me, I failed to see that a microphone had been placed about half-way up the aisle and if I had known that, I would have sat right next to the microphone, instead of in the front aisle.  I’ll get back to this situation later.

In our above mentioned chat, I asked Dr. Frank Turek where the Dr. in his title came from.  He somewhat meekly stated that it was from some Divinity College. I suppose I should write away for some kind of College degree from some internet site and start calling myself Dr. Stephen K. Adams.  Although if I do that, how would that look for the founder of the Religion Of “Truth”?

Dr. Frank Turek had some good ideas, but he talked for so long that he gave me a headache.  At one point he congratulated himself on being able to speak quickly.  increasing his speed as he did so.  I think he thought that such a skill would be accepted by the audience as an indication of his confidence in the ideas that he was expressing.  To me, it reminded me that used-car salesmen are known as fast talkers also.

After more than an hour of his monologue, I got the distinct impression that I was at a buffet restaurant where the waiters feed you themselves and you are left wondering if they will ever stop pushing more food  into your mouth.

Finally, the question period began.  It was only at that time that I became aware that they were going to use a microphone and it was half-way up the aisle.  The first person to speak never asked a question at all.   He acted like he wanted to open up a store front church of his own and was using the question period as  an opportunity to practice his preaching prowess.

After having listened to Frank for more than an hour, I was in no mood for an even more obscure and disjointed sermon from the mount.  I blurted out, --- "Where is the question?"  Perhaps Frank was glad that I spoke up.  I think he was trying to find a way to silence the guy without damaging his “nice guy” image.

Frank didn’t spend a lot of time talking about the Bible except to take it for granted that every word in it is the absolute truth.  Of course he did take advantage of the possibility that the translation of some words and ideas left people with the wrong impression and he had a different take on the words that were more acceptable to his literate audience.

In this regard, one must be aware that when Christianity got started, the world was rife with abject poverty, barbarity and almost universal illiteracy.  That is a cocktail that has all the ingredients to allow someone to put forward ideas that can only be described as superstitious and mythical today.

Let’s be honest here, if Christianity tried to get started today, DNA testing would prove that Joseph or some other man was Jesus’ natural father and the whole childish mythical belief system would never get off the ground.

You undoubtedly know that many Christians were fed to the lions as a form of punishment and sport for the Romans.  But are you aware that other Christians routinely made nuisances of themselves by voluntarily entering the ring to be mutilated and eaten by the lions. 

They did so because they were disgusted with the living conditions and the barbarity of those times.  They couldn’t wait to get to heaven and experience the joy and endless happiness of such a divine place.

That situation is repugnant enough but this next historical fact is even worse.  It wasn’t until 680 years later that the Church finally came to its senses and told its followers that from that day forward, committing suicide to get into heaven would in essence disqualify them from entering heaven and instead consign them for ever more in the fires of hell.

How can such beliefs survive even as I write these words today?  For one thing, there is the false belief that if something has survived for 2000 years it must have much value.  While such a conclusion can be true, it can also be dead wrong.  From the beginning of time until some 600 years ago human beings thought that the world was flat. 

No amount of time in which a false idea is accepted as the truth can change it into the truth.  Only increased knowledge can deliver us from a falsehood into the truth.  Unless I bring this monologue, supposedly disquised as a blog, to an end right now, I will be guilty of the same kind of extended preaching that I accused Dr. Frank Turek of. 

Tune in tomorrow when hopefully you will have digested these morsels of supposed knowledge and you will be more inclined to be fed some more of the same by yours truly.  Cheers to you and as an old sports announcer from 60 years ago used to say on his nightly sportscast: --- “For good sports, it’s always a --- good night.”


We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Mar 02, 2010 - 2:47PM #6
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Open Blog for Mar 2/2010 re. --- Frank Turek

(Submission # 2 of 3 about --- Frank Turek)

Although Frank embraced the ideas of evolution and the apparent contradiction between the age of the Universe as indicated by evolution and the age indicated by the Bible, he skirted this contentious issue by suggesting that the word for a day in the Bible might be a million years or it might be exactly what it says.  The main point is that this contentious issue is supposedly put to rest for all of eternity.  Sorry, I don’t buy it.

It is rather difficult to accept such ideas and at the same time accept the fact that the Bible is supposed to be divinely inspired.  One would think that such inspiration from our Creator him/herself would be clear enough to avoid such simple ambiguity.

If one is to accept such devious methods of authenticating what otherwise appears to be irrational differences, shouldn’t this type of intellectual manipulation be available to those who oppose Christianity also?

In this regard, Richard Dawkins who could certainly add the letters Dr. to the front of his name, but chooses not to do so, points out that the Greek translation for the virgin birth actually referred only to the fact that a young woman would give birth to some kind of mythical leader.

Of course what is also in Richard Dawkins favor is the simple fact that he doesn’t venture into the realm of irrationality in the above claim, whereas the Church seems to have no qualms at all about such deviations. 

Changing it all to a virgin birth smacks to me of the desire to embellish a God-like image to what otherwise must have been a normal flesh and blood human being similar in genetic scope or make up to you and I.      

And further, just for the record, exactly how did these mostly illiterate and uneducated people of that time go about proving that Jesus’ entrance into this world was from a virgin birth? 

I suppose this is where the old saw of “faith” enters into the picture.  I’ll give Frank this much credit, he placed a low value on “faith” as ones ultimate reason for accepting any belief system.

There is a primitive tribe in darkest South America that believes that thunder is actually flatulence of their God’s who are treating themselves to a “royal” banquet.  They only ask that you acquire the faith that is necessary to believe in their “so-called” religion. 

Well, I never did line up and get a chance to ask a question and I must take the blame for that.  From the original ad that attracted me to this “seminar”, it was not apparent that I was about to be “enthralled” by a somewhat updated version of Christianity.

I got the distinct impression that I was being sold a used car that was painted up shiny new but would promptly fall apart as soon as I got out of sight of the used car lot.

Frank did not bother to defend the Bible to any great extent.  He would say that if you believed the Bible --- and then go on as if you had done so.  That is an incredible leap for a potential new convert to take, not just of faith, but of gullibility in the extreme.

Shouldn’t a new convert to a religion be prepared to defend what that religion suggests is the unvarnished truth?  Shouldn’t the one asking you to embrace such beliefs spend most of his time preparing you for the above mentioned defense?

If I had a Bible with me at the time, so that I could quote the exact versus in Matthew, I would have asked the good Doctor to explain the following situation that can only be described as irrationality writ large for the Christian religion.

Normally one is asked to believe in miracles and the idea that God can do whatever he wants and that defends just about anything that is written in the Bible, but this next story from the Bible asks the reader to suspend his common sense.  To deny the normal characteristics of human behavior.

In Matthew it states that at the time of Jesus’ death that many dead people rose up from their graves and were then seen by many in the city.  Not another word about this incredible event is ever mentioned in the entire Bible by any other supposed divinely inspired writer.  Only this writer of Matthew was apparently divinely chosen to reveal these startling details.

Nobody asked these dead people what it was like on the other side?  What was heaven like?  What was hell like? etc. etc. etc.  It makes as much sense to believe that President John Kennedy came into the Whitehouse to shake hands with Barrack Obama, and not another word was ever spoken about it again. 

This story, that appear in Matthew, my fine feathered friends, is a study in irrationality that is so far out in left field that it should challenge the senses of even the most obtuse followers of this religion.  How in the world did that account escape the editor’s claws the last time the elders of the Church tried to edit out the more ridiculous claims that are liberally dispersed throughout the Bible?

To close this particular entry, let me make this perfectly clear, (as I invoke the warped memory of Richard Nixon); I believe in a Creator, but not the superstitiously and mythically invented one that appears in the less than “holy” Bible.          

We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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8 years ago  ::  Mar 03, 2010 - 10:28AM #7
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Open Blog entry for March 3/2010 --- re. Frank TureK

(Submission # 3 of 3 about Frank Turek)

 Another somewhat poignant moment in Frank’s dissertation was the showing of a five minute video where the evolutionary theory that criminality and many other behavioral patterns of mankind are all under evolutionary processes.

 While this conclusion seems to have value, on closer or deeper analysis it can be shown that it is simply not true.   The understanding of the phenomena of the extended phenotype is one of Richard Dawkins greatest achievements.  This phenomena certainly points to the belief in genetic causes of criminality (as an example of one specific area) but it fails in this regard. 

 In the human species the extended phenotype has brought about the evolutionary changes in the human mind that sees us making use of a conscience and a moral sense of right and wrong that is unmatched in any other living species.  This aspect of the human mind actually allows us to overcome what otherwise might be behavior controlled by genetic factors alone.

 Fortunately for us, but perhaps not so fortunately for the historical people in the following story, the British government of long ago decided to use the continent of Australia as a “dumping ground” for their burgeoning criminal element in the crowded British cities.

 If the theory that criminality is genetically determined was correct, today we should have a virtual cauldron of criminal activity in those areas in Australia where the criminals from England were surreptitiously deposited.  --- Nothing of the sort has transpired. 

 The descendants of those deported criminals have dispersed themselves into all segments of society in keeping with the same principles that apply to the British people who were not shipped off to the so- called prison nation of Australia.

 But alas, what about Dr. Frank Turek’s five minute video clip.  We are treated to a depraved individual exacting revenge on a scientist who put forward the idea that criminality is genetically determined.

 We were not shown the actual death of the scientist but we were “treated” to some form of barbaric torture that this hapless scientist was forced to endure.  The message being that there are consequences for ones beliefs. 

 I think I was supposed to be terrified into believing in Christianity but instead my mind seemed to focus on the Islamic suicide bombers endlessly --- ( I suppose choosing the word endlessly is incorrect here.  It obviously came to a sudden and abrupt end didn’t it?) --- chanting the words --- Allah Akbar which, in our language means --- God is Great.    

 In those terms of reference, the videos message is absolutely true.  Superstitious and mythical religions definitely have consequences and as so vividly displayed in the above scenario of the World Trade Center, they are grotesque in the extreme.

 The lecture that I attended happened on a Friday night.  The next night, which I did not attend, was  to be devoted to the book of Revelations and some other subject also.  I think this 5 minute video was trying to prepare us for the horror that Frank was intending to show us on Saturday night from the book of Revelations.

 Dr. Frank Turek believes in evolution and I commend him for that.  He even uses that knowledge to evolve the imaginary belief in Hell from a place of excruciating horror into a place which is now described as being --- “separated from God.”

 After all, how difficult or impossible would it be to ask an educated person from the 21 st. century to believe in such a vial God as portrayed by the “fires in hell” superstitious belief  system.  Far easier to accept the separation from God theory for Hell itself.   Of course one could wax poetic about a superstitious belief in Hell being the same no matter what evolutionary advances the follower of such mythical beliefs tried to employ.

 Speaking from evolutionary principles, the entire Book of Revelations should be allowed to either atrophy and disappear or just make it disappear without bothering with the atrophying stage.

 Then what would I wish to see endure from the Bible itself?   I remember being told that if one loses his Bible you could still live a good life by following the golden rule.  “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

 Of course that saying cannot be attributed directly to Christianity.  Apparently it was copied into the Bible from some other source that existed long before the New Testament came into existence.

 If you  will allow me the effrontery of being facetious, perhaps the biggest message that I got from the “torture” video was the simple fact that it gave Dr. Frank Turek a chance to hit the washroom after having spent an hour and a half force feeding his ideas to us.

 Perhaps you won’t get this impression of Frank Turek after having read these blog entries, but except for  the fact that his message was patently wrong, --- he did seem to be a nice guy. 

 But then again, I was only under his influence for about 2 hours.  That is rather soon to reach any definite conclusions about the full extent of anyone’s personality and core beliefs.

 During our short chat before the seminar started, while we were exchanging pleasantries, he informed me that he was from somewhere around South Carolina.  I mentioned that one could save a lot of money by flying into Buffalo and then traveling by car up to Toronto instead of landing at the Toronto International Airport.  He seemed to be quite interested because he asked me how far it was from Buffalo to Toronto.

 Dr. Turek was working for something called --- The Campus Church.  I think a wealthy group of sponsors paid for his expenses and guaranteed him at least some level of profit for his time and efforts here in Canada.

 We were informed that a voluntary collection would occur later in the program.  At that time I decided that I would give him $5.00, but after 90 minutes of non stop talking by Mr. Turek, I had changed my mind.

 The person who was about to start the collection seemed to realize that I wasn’t about to make a donation.  I was alone in the front row and I think he felt that if I did not donate, it would make a negative first impression on others who might be more willing to contribute. 

 He didn’t even make a token effort to come over to where I was sitting.  At the time I thought he was being too timid, but finally the above thoughts became clearer in my mind and I think that is why he acted as he did.

 While I did not add to Frank’s collection plate, if he took my advice about flying into Buffalo on future visits to Toronto, that “tip” could have turned out to be the best tip of all for him and his staff of two or three.  

 In closing, I must thank Dr. Frank Turek for inspiring me to write these 3 blogs about him.  I suppose however, that my impressions were not exactly the ones that he was hoping, --- that I would embrace.

 Cheers to all.

 Steve Adams

We have nothing to fear except our lack of understanding of fear itself.
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