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9 years ago  ::  Aug 31, 2009 - 10:10PM #1
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In the 1960s, advantages of working in state-run enterprises had not been apparent. As more and more small street-commission-run factories arose, the big state-run enterprises became advantageous for their unmatched scales. Street-commission- run factories were collectively owned and generally the workers got a lower pay and worse welfare than those in the state-run. So young men who worked in the state--run were more popular among girls. Political and social environment exerts a great impact on people's marriage standards. From the beginning of 1960s, teachers' social and economic status began to decline. In the countryside, primary school teachers got less pay than an ordinary shop assistant or a factory laborer. The slogans "Proletariats lead all" could be seen everywhere. Many teaching girls, especially those in the primary schools, chose to marry laborers much lower than themselves in terms of education.

Marriage customs, like almost everything else in China, are changing. Today there is considerable movement toward free choice, and considerable movement toward women's rights. However, there are still matchmakers and both family and Party may still have considerable influence, at least in some cases. After all we are improving our all kinds of life level due to the leadership of the government. In a word, We cherish the pace of present china's development. We don't allow any group or anybody to destroy it.

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