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7 years ago  ::  Apr 07, 2011 - 9:34PM #161
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The Historical Jesus

by Setzer, Claudia Tikkun
July 17, 1995 No. 4, Vol. 10; Pg. 73

When Pope John Paul II made his historic visit to the Rome synagogue in 1986, he wore the crucifix that is part of his daily costume. Some Jews in the Israeli press complained about the inappropriateness of the cross in a ceremony intended to improve Jewish-Christian relations. What is a symbol to Christians of God's love for the world is for Jews a reminder of persecution. Jesus, like the crucifix on which he hangs, is a symbol in the classic sense of the word, an empty vessel we can fill with our own multiple meanings.

The images of Jesus throughout history are as varied as the people who have embraced him-the Son of God, the Divine Word by whom the world was created, the Passover sacrifice on behalf of the people, the Suffering Servant who takes on the sins of the world, the new High Priest, or more recently, Jesus the intellectual genius, the liberator of the oppressed, or the feminist. Each group and generation sees in Jesus a reflection of itself.

hat is the connection between these personae and the historical Jesus, the flesh-and-blood preacher of ancient Israel executed by the Romans? Not much, scholars have often said. "There is nothing more negative than the result of the critical study of the life of Jesus," said Albert Schweitzer, a key figure in the early "quest for the historical Jesus." Yet, as we approach the beginning of the twenty-first century, a new pursuit for information about the historical Jesus is energizing scholars and lay people alike.

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5 years ago  ::  Sep 28, 2013 - 8:13AM #162
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realif, has used the names of Avie, Malka, Aklam, (Malka spelled backwards) Aklamwoods,  Kingdom3, Kingdom, Kingdom357, Malkakingdom and of late Miknik5. I saved many of her posts, including a few where she admitted she used the other names. 

When she first came on the Jewish forum 2002, she told us she was recently married to a Jewish man and went to Temple with him, though she made many unplesant remarks about the people who went there.  Also wrote she had read the "complete" Torah and the complete Talmud. But could not answer any simple questions asked her about either one.  I'm not sure if she mentioned the Mishnah, but she did tell us that she studied the Kabbalah with (guess who?) the Berg family. While discussing that subject she told us that the Tree of Life had nothing to do with the Kabbalah!  She learned that from a Hollywood Center which she praised highly and which was directed by a teacher named Rabbi Philip Berg. 

Hollywood Kabbalah, which combines new age teachings along with ancient Jewish mysticism, has attracted a slew of celebrity followers over the years. Those who have been associated with the center include Madonna, Moore, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell. Moore and her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, were married at the center in 2005.

Followers can be spotted by the red strings worn around their wrists. The center sells those along with special blessed water; the organization reportedly now has assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

STORY: Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre Under Investigation by IRS

The center has been hit with controversy over the years, including a tax evasion investigation and scrutiny over a nonprofit organization run by the center. Madonna, meanwhile, removed her African charity out from under the center's control.

“Faith is deciding to allow yourself to believe something your intellect would otherwise cause you to reject.”
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