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Locked: Forum Guidelines - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING
9 years ago  ::  Aug 14, 2009 - 11:30PM #1
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This is a general guidelines thread, for the use of hosts/admins to explain any issues that should be addressed.  If you have any questions or suggestions about anything you feel should be mentioned or clarified, please direct them to

Generally, we don't have a whole lot of guidelines that are different from the rest of the site or that the regulars don't already know, but I figured I'd post this for the benefit of any new posters.

The main thing is, this is a board for the debate of the Jewish religion. This means discussing the sacred texts, customs or general validity of Judaism is appropriate here.  Politics regarding the state of Israel, however, is not. There is already a board set aside for that, Middle East News and Politics. Here is the link:

I understand that there can be a fine line between the history of the Jewish religion and the politics of Israel, at least in some minds. However, I've seen enough posts in the past months to feel it would be worth directing new posters to the Politics board for discussions that are not directly related to the Jewish faith, since we all know what it is like to be new and to need help finding our way around.


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4 years ago  ::  Mar 24, 2014 - 2:28PM #2
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Beliefnet welcomes all beliefs, even controversial ones, and is committed to free expression within the modest limits of the Rules of Conduct. We have never censored anyone because of their beliefs.

Discussion forums (formally known as Debate forums), by their nature, can be controversial and it is natural to have strong feelings when debating faith with others.  Members are reminded that they must be courteous at all times and to all posters. 

Those who would prefer not to debate or have their faith discussed rigorously are welcome to explore many of the non-debate forums which BNet has available.  Those of the Jewish faith who would prefer to debate Judaism only with other Jews are invited to Jew-to-Jew debate.

Discuss Judaism is a forum for people of ALL faiths to discuss Judaism.  Members are allowed to discuss, debate, or critique any aspect of Judaism.  Members are allowed to disagree with the meaning of Jewish sacred texts, how those texts are applied and how the teachings in those texts are practiced.  Members may hold beliefs which are in opposition or even distasteful to Jewish thought/practice and are allowed to express those beliefs.  Members are allowed to be mistaken or ignorant about Judaism.  Members are allowed to post small sections of non-Jewish sacred text for the purpose of comparison or contrast, as long as the subject matter is Judaism and Jewish belief.

Members are reminded that the definition of any faith resides with the adherents of that faith. Non-Jewish members may debate Jewish belief, but should not define those beliefs.  While this does not technically violate the ROC, it violates the spirit of discussion in the context of this board. 

Concerns about violations of conduct within a specific post should be reported using the "report post" function which is at the top of every post.  Concerns should not be posted in the thread and such comments will be removed.  The host of this board can also be contacted directly through private message, or concerns can be emailed to 


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