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Switch to Forum Live View Where is the Freaking evidence that God exist even if he was an Evil Monster?
9 years ago  ::  May 07, 2009 - 8:23PM #1
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I keep reading about Maltheism this and that and I still have not seen any single evidence that backup the claim that God exist. I do not care that a Maltheist thinks that He is not a good God at all. What I want to know is:  What is your basis for believing that this Evil Being even exist??

I will require the same for a person who claims that God exist and is in fact Good! Where is the freaking evidence that He even exist in the first place?? After you are done proving that God in fact exist, then we can move on to: Who the hell is Him?? Which one is the true god from the Millions of choices available. And after this, maybe then we can move to: Is He Good or Evil?

After you read the Bible for what it is I agree that the Cruel Bastard do not deserve the worship that he demands. The whole thing is a Joke! He is So cruel that Makes Hitler and Stalin look like Mother Theresa of Calcutta!  But that is the Whole point! He is an Imaginary Being Made up by Ancient Warrior Nomadic Tribes from the palestine region,  who were freaking Savages and find this kind of Cruel Justice and Ruthlessness very appealing! This is why they attributed all this traits of character that fundamentalist (from any religion) love so much to their God! Their God has to be a Kick Ass God who displays all this raw power and is ruthless and Kills thousands just to make a point!

But  my point is:  The whole thing is false! What is the evidence that a god like this even existed?? Is all Myth! 

The Maltheist might be right by saying that this kind of God do not deserve our worship! Absolutely Agree!, but that is the whole point! HE simply do not exist!!!

If you claim that He exist and that you have a beef with Him (for obvious reasons), then my question is: Where is your evidence that He even exist??

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9 years ago  ::  May 10, 2009 - 7:18PM #2
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This does not belong in our community forum.  Please, move this to the proper debate or discuss forum.  I am not sure of the name of the debate or criticize forums since this website had changed again.

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9 years ago  ::  May 11, 2009 - 12:49AM #3
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Dear Wichone,

You suddenly start to sound to me like many christians i have met after my de-conversion. As soon as the conversation starts to sound like I am challenging their believe, or i start to ask for a good reason whay i should believe this and that, the whole thing turns into a: "You are offending my belief by criticizing it".

The whole thing is just ridiculous!

Have you consider that maybe I want to understand you guys better? Some of the conclusion that you guys jump to, might be without merit in my opinion, but perhaps, by me opening this dialog, I am trying to get things straight from the source so that I might get a better understanding of why you guys think the way you do!

Maybe i like some of what you are bringing to the table: The fact that God might exist  does not mean that He is automatically GOOD.

I think that you guys are on to something here!

But as soon as I try to start the dialogue, you start bringing the "offended" card, or the "Persecuted" card. 

I am not out to get you, or any person that believes in Maltheism. I do not have any beef with any of you guys, and if anything, i can relate to most of the points you are making.

I am not here in the spirit of criticism,  but in the spirit of dialogue. 

If you cannot see that and you are so sensitive about discussing why you believe what you believe, perhaps you should not be posting any of your beliefs in any forum, and just keep the whole thing to yourself.

If on the contrary you are secure in your beliefs, then you should not have any problem in starting an honest and friendly discussion. And part of a friendly discussion is challenging your views. 

I do not think I posted anything offensive or demeaning to your belief, and obviously I have nothing personal against you or your community.  I however have serious questions for your reasons to believe in maltheism, and I will simply like to know more, since some of your stuff do not make much sense to me, although some of it does. 

Your whole "I do not have anything to prove to you" is just not going to cut it. Not if you want you point of view to be spread (and this seams to be one of your goals, as I read in one of your threads)

You cannot have it both ways: You want to spread your belief of "Maltheism" and at the same time you do not want your belief to be challenged.

Are you serious??

If all I am going to get from you is: "We do not have anything to prove to you" I will not remove my questions from your forum. and you better ask next time in a nice way. I do not respond well to people treating me harshly, and I certainly will not tolerate threats from you or nobody.

If you start a friendly, respectful, and meaningful conversation in the Discussion forums, then I will gladly remove my post from your forum.

I am trusting that in the future you are not going to play the "I am offended" card or the "I do not have anything to prove you" card on me again.

Who the heck do you think you are? The Ayatollah of Maltheism?? Are you the New Leader of the movement or something??Are you the official speaker for all Maltheists here in beliefnet??

If you do not like to have conversations about your believes just cancel your subscription to beliefnet and keep your beliefs to yourself. This way no-one will challenge your beliefs, and you will not have to deal with people like me that only want to get to know other peoples beliefs better.

I am here anytime waiting for your response. 

If  I do not hear from you I will assume that you took my advise. 

Until next time,


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