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9 years ago  ::  Mar 30, 2009 - 7:06PM #1
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Look this only my first time being a buddha so I was hoping to get tips......


I am a monastery its like a temple.   In me I am the buddha and he is the boss.   Then we got these monks who talk they are called thoughts,  Then we got these monks who have taken vows of silence they are called feelings and emotions,  And then we got these wizardly hermits that show stuff, fellahs that play sounds, ect.


Now the monks in my monastery who talk are silly.   They come to tell me the buddha something and if I listen to what they say with my perfect buddha listening skills they become silent.........   I guess its because I makem enlightened haven't quite figured it out yet.     I know its common tho..... some fellah asks buddha.....  "oh hey does my feet have a foot?" ..........the buddha just listens.......listens sooooo perfectly that the listening magically answers their questions and the folks just go silent!    And they become enlightened.....

I listen to my thoughts as if they were gonna give me lotto they go quiet real quick!


But sometimes if especially I like or hate what they say a monk named excited gets me drunk and then I end up taking over thier conversation which is very rude.   Its like I take over thier conversations without realizing it.   Like a drunk!  

We have strange monks.   There is a fellah named hunger who is our cook.   He never says anything but when I ignore him he'll grab one of the talking monks then they tell me they have pizza in the freezer!

We should pay attention to hunger........maybe he wasn't gonna talk to us about food.....maybe he was gonna tell us the phone number to the girl Lust was talking about earlier!


Thats why we have to sit down shut up and listen!   Thats our job! We are buddhas with the absolute perfect listening!   Listen so hard your eyes hear silence!


I've been weening back a bit from agressive listening to just passively effortless listening.......   Sometimes it gets to the point it feels like I touch the "water behind me".    The moment I touch it though I chicken out.

You know some monk comes through and says "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!".   Man my buddha starts talking!


Currently ive been trying to convince myself that life, nature, god, buddha its all friendly enough to let me be myself for second......I hope if I can calm down and sorta sneak my way.

Any tips would be nice!   

Thanks =D

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9 years ago  ::  Mar 30, 2009 - 11:03PM #2
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Utilyan wrote:
Any tips would be nice!

Our posts are the tip of the iceberg; there's even more talk where they came from.

The general may create greate peace, but the general doesn't know great peace.
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