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9 years ago  ::  Feb 20, 2009 - 3:15AM #301
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OY!  That sounds like my family.......
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 20, 2009 - 1:08PM #302
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nieciedo wrote:

If Jake Gyllenhaal is wearing spandex, I want to sit in the corner with him!


Sit, Ubu, sit!  :D

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9 years ago  ::  Feb 21, 2009 - 9:01PM #303
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As I see it, there are only two posters who have any right to attack me for my abominable behavior on this thread: River and Clyde. They were here, they participate in this, and they also have known me a whole lot longer than you have.

Hey, what about me?
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 22, 2009 - 12:27PM #304
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Howie,  No one fools around with you.

I don't know Nieciedo very well.  I don't want to know him.  He sounds like a very mean and angry person. I haven't been posting regularly on JD since MJD rather died out a few months ago, but essentially it died out when the forums moved.  Most of the posters left.    In fact, I haven't been posting on JD regularly for several years.  But don't you know?    Some people can say whatever they wish on this forum, and some can't. 

Some people are respected here no matter what, and some, are not.   Some people can say whatever they want, and it's OK.  Some cannot.  That's the way it goes.   You and I both remember when I left JD.   I was hurt, and I was sad, but I found another place to post and I stayed there. 

When I placed some doubts about O,  during the early times because of his preacher's sermons, I was called a racist, an extremist and worse, over and over, by people I never heard of before.  I think most of them are gone.   No one cared.  OK.  I understand the rules here.  Haven't you figured it out?  Some posters can say whatever they want, and others cannot.   But I am grateful to you and some others who defended me or agreed with me.

If you had posted that first post, you wouldn't have gotten the reception I did.   Nor would anyone have gone over to the Catholic forum and posted the following.  I mean after all, I had some nerve posting one line on a Catholic forum, which disagreed with the following remark.   

Nieciedo wrote:   I would just like to say as a Jew that I'm embarrassed by the Jews who have decided to get all bent out of shape over this, completely ignorant to the real situation. Those persons have done nothing but perpetuate unfortunately stereotypes of Jews going out of their way to find these to be offended by and seeing antisemitism behind every bush and under every rock.
Good riddance, Beliefnet. I'm through with this carnival freakshow.

I answered him the next morning on post 19


I'm sorry you're embarrassed by us Jews, but perhaps it's because you grew up as a Catholic and not a Jew, and you don't understand how it was for us before Vatican II."

He answered me that same morning on Post 20 on the Catholic Forum:   

"I’m not embarrassed by all Jews. Just paranoid Christian-hating Jews like you. The history between Christianity (and the Catholic Church) and the Jews has been bloody, and awful, and bloody awful. So much so that one doesn't need to go around inventing new artificial controversies to get worked up about. You are exhibiting one of the worst Jewish stereotypes, the kind that isn't happy unless he or she has some reason to be offended.

And I know plenty about the history of the Church and how things were before the magical Second Vatican Council. I'll not have you take on airs and pretend to be so wise and all-knowing in front of me, sister. And in bringing my ancestry to bear as an attack against me, you've just violated a cardinal precept of Judaism (which is no surprise, because your Jewishness seems entirely limited to reactive "I'm going to hate everyone because everyone hates me" mentality).

If antisemites needed a recruiting poster, you'd be it.

Good riddance, Beliefnet. I'm through with this carnival freakshow.

(this 2nd post was deleted at my request)   I’m sorry now, that I asked to have it deleted.  Everyone here should have read it.

I do thank you for defending me.  I meant no harm by my original post here on that subject, I was curious about what was happening.  I read it off of Reuters not a Jewish forum.   If Nieciedo had explained what was going on as he did very much later in the thread, things would have gone very differently, and I told him so at the time.

Well, I'll be going for now.   Bill Maher is on, and I'm missing it!     You take care.   riv
“Faith is deciding to allow yourself to believe something your intellect would otherwise cause you to reject.”
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9 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2009 - 3:32PM #305
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Well as I said it would be a while till I returned.  

The Catholic Church, always a friend to Jews and people of color, now represented by one who is sympathetic to clergy who deny the Holocaust, says that condoms to prevent death in Africa from an AIDS epidemic is not only WRONG - but will increase the epidemic.

I will stick to my Jewish Cultural Identity, Keep it simple, and continue to believe that organized religions of the Western World continue to be destructive.


Shalom   --   FIRST DO NO HARM

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