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Sticky: Real Debate rules:
10 years ago  ::  Apr 25, 2008 - 2:48PM #1
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What is RD?
  RD is a “Real Debate” thread.  Placing “RD” in the subject line is signifying that you wish to have a formal debate on the topic you are introducing.  By indicating you wish to have a formal debate you are applying different rules to the thread than the normal discussion style threads.  The topic must be relevant to the board. 
  Why include RD in the title of the thread?
  For the same reasons that you would put O/T, or SST in the title of your thread, it indicates to the hosts and to the other members your intent for the thread.  RD indicates that not only is the thread specific in topic, but limited in the number of persons who will participate at a specific time. 
  Who can create an RD thread? 
  Any member can create an RD thread.  The hosts of the debate board have agreed to additional monitoring for the Real Debate threads. 
  What if I want to respond to an RD thread?
  RD threads have very specific rules as to the nature of the responses that are allowed.  An RD thread only allows two members at a given time to debate the topic at hand.  This is to avoid the dog-piling reaction that has a tendency to occur on debate boards where the balance favors one ideological viewpoint more heavily than another.  In addition, each side is only allowed a limited number of posts in which to make their argument.  After four posts per member, and one each of a closing argument, the thread will be critiqued by two judges and locked down. 
  If you wish to continue the discussion after this point, or to have your own debate on the topic, you are welcome to create your own thread. 
  Why remove my post if I am just responding to someone else? 
  Your post will be removed if you are not one of the people who is initially involved in the debate, if your posts are off topic for the debate, or if your posts go beyond the restricted number of posts in which you are allotted to make your argument.  You are allowed to copy and respond to your opponents arguments, but keep in mind this reduces the available space for you to make your own argument.
  What if I don’t want to participate in a RD thread based on the restrictions?
  If you do not wish to participate in a RD thread, then please respect those who do.  If you wish to discuss the topics that are part of the debate in open forum, we encourage you to start a non-RD thread to do so.
  What if I want to create an RD thread that I think is on topic for the board, but others might not? 
  Go ahead and create the thread.  If it is not on topic, the thread will be removed and an explanation as to why it was removed, and an invitation to create it as a non-RD thread will be sent to your e-mail. 
  Why do we need RD threads in the first place? 
  There is a tendency on the debate boards to have a majority opinion dog-pile on a minority opinion, and silence it by sheer number of posts.  This creates a hostile environment for the persons holding the minority opinion.  By limiting the number of participants to a thread, and their number of posts, as would be in a formal debate setting, we can ensure that all parties can express themselves in an open atmosphere. 
  There is also a tendency within human nature to feel that whoever we are, or whatever we say, we have made the best argument.  The addition of judges who will critique the debate based on criteria given later, will allow for objective assessment of the arguments, and it is hoped, to help people to better formulate a logical argument. 
  I'm a member of the Beliefnet community, why can't I post anything I want wherever I want?

As a member of Beliefnet, you have agreed to abide by the Rules of Conduct and the local guidelines in place on the boards in which you participate. Any thread or post that violates the ROC or the local guidelines in the Evangelical Christianity Debate forum will be removed on those grounds. If you remain within these restrictions, you may post anything you want. The RD threads have a special set of local guidelines in order to help facilitate a specific kind of discussion.
  What are the specific rules and guidelines regarding the RD threads?
  RD threads are limited to two participants.  The person who starts the RD thread, and whomever chooses to debate them.  You do not get to pick your debate partner upon starting the thread. 
  You are limited to 4 posts to make your case, followed by a closing statement.  All posts must strictly follow the Beliefnet ROC.  An appropriate format would be as follows:
  Constructive speeches:
[*]First affirmative
[*]First negative
[*]Second affirmative
[*]Second negative[/LIST]  Rebuttal speeches:
[*]First negative
[*]First affirmative
[*]Second negative
[*]Second affirmative[/LIST]  Closing arguments
  The vote
  At the close of debate the Judges will critique the arguments on the following criteria: 
[*]Grasp of the issue and      important related points.
[*]Ability to make      presentation interesting, engaging, and relevant.
[*]Ability to support      arguments.
[*]Use of supporting      materials. 
[*]Use of constructive      criticism and rationale
[*]Ability to anticipate      and/or counter opposing viewpoints.
[*]Ability to see and challenge      flaws in opposition's arguments and research as well as one's own flaws.[/LIST]   
  Each of the seven points will be awarded a value from 0-10 for each person, by each judge.  The points will then be added, and a “winner” determined. 
  The judges can either be selected by the members in the debate, one judge to be selected by each member, or by default the hosts of the board will take up the duty.  It is expected that if the member who is asked to be a judge does not wish to, that his/her wishes are respected as well.  The parties engaged in the debate cannot also be the judges of the debate.
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 26, 2008 - 11:32PM #2
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Interesting... I remember talking about this approximately a year ago.  I thought it was worth a shot then and I still do.  Though I'm limited to evenings, now, I'm more than willing to give these threads the extra attention they will need.
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