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10 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2008 - 10:28AM #1
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Samst, am addressign this specifically to you, in return for
your post clarifying what you replied to me and also perhaps on 'Unwanted' thread
about starting different threads and some people leaving in disgust.

People who are converts are not the only people who leave in disgust here. Many
hindus have before, I have recently. I come here and i know others too who come
here to have healthy debates and learn from those who know more than we do.I have
learnt from several people - Gangajal, Silence, yourself, Maya and several others
who wander in from time to time. I am not here to cope with and argue with hindu
cowboys, whose primary aim is arguments per se, with half baked understanding of
vast concepts and little humility to learn. I am not here to debate with evangelists who
are accepted just because they use Krishna instead of Christ to sell the same
theory or for those who buy that in the name of 'Bhakti Yoga' or some such

In a small way actually this forum is so representative of problems that plague
Hindu community in so many ways. Self styled heroes with little knowledge or
openness to learn, hypocrisy that is only too willing to shoot at other religions
and unwilling to self exam our own, and most of all the excessive tolerance that
we have in allowing all of this into the same stream and expecting some community
to come out of that. This is not a place for learning or healthy debates anymore,it
is akin to street wall used by rival political parties where one party writes one thing
and another overwrites the same thing next morning and another throws dung at it
the third day.

I would love to read and follow what goes on in the new thread, and participate in
respectful ways, if I feel called to.

Love and Regards to dear Saheli Tina, yourself and all.


(BTW it is a privilege to join ranks with slaves
such as Ramdas, Purandaradas and the Mirabai who sang 'Mein hari charananaki daasi').
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10 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2008 - 9:33PM #2
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In an open discussion/debate board, particularly when there's no designated moderator, these things will happen. Best policy is to ignore such posts, which are not to one's taste or liking and pass on. As you've said, there're others on this board, with whom you're comfortable with. Just converse with them and respond only to them. By and by, this'll solve the problem. The following is a story of how Buddha handled his tormentors:

"On one of his rounds he was repulsed by a householder with bitter words of abuse. Buddha replied, "Friend, if a householder sets food before a beggar, but the beggar refuses to accept the food, to whom does the food belong?" The man replied: "Why, to the householder ofcourse". Buddha said, "Then, if I refuse to accept your abuse and ill-will, it returns to you, does it not? But I must go away the poorer because I have lost a friend." [Majjhima Nikaya75. From page 13 of Radhakrishnan's translation of Dhammapada] 

Love & God Bless.
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10 years ago  ::  Mar 29, 2008 - 9:44PM #3
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Samst, yes it is a lesson in seeing the Buddha within, definitely, to ignore the trite and pay attention to what matters. My concern was less to do with the 'board' and more to do with the group of people here who call ourselves 'hindus' and have stuff going on between 'us' that you pointed out in other thread. Please don't get me wrong, but why didn't the woman you mentioned who was married to a hindu stay? Left because she felt confused/misled/ some reason or the other. It is no different with anyone else. I gave you the example of a street wall and you seem to agree that is the way it is. I will stop by to read what knowledgable others have to say, sorry no intention of active participation any longer. There are perhaps less stressful ways of finding the Buddha within.

Thank you and take care!

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10 years ago  ::  Mar 30, 2008 - 12:26AM #4
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I am glad to see you back.  Now dont say that you wont come, ok.  Just stick around and contribute what ever knowledge you have. 

Ramadasi, have you heard, Jaya
Raw,  Recently, I heard her lectures on Vedenta and I really enjoyed it.  If you get
a chance, please do hear it.  It gives a lot of inward peace and knowledge too.
Honestly, I did not know many many things like the phrase HERE AND NOW
which Silence usually uses.  Now, I got an idea exactly what it means.  Infact,
Ramadasi, as i told you earlier, you have a lot of spritiual knowledge like all
others here. :)
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10 years ago  ::  Mar 30, 2008 - 6:59AM #5
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Hi Ramadasi,
             :) winning and losing in a debate may not be particularly important most of the times. A story goes ... when Prince siddhartha [Gautama Buddha] was very young, his cousin hit a bird with his arrow and the bird fell down... siddhartha found it and nursed it, but very soon his cousin came and told him that the bird was his property. Siddhartha said, it belonged to him as he found it first. By law, a bird belongs to the one who shot it ... so they both approached the king ...

so his cousin's argument was simple : "A bird belongs to the one who shot it"
and Siddhartha had no argument. He said "See ... people who love stay together... i nursed it, and i love this bird.Since you tried to hurt it ... so you do not love. so it should stay with me".

:) Siddhartha may lose the argument but has won in Love... winning an argument is a very minor thing. Losing in Love is far higher.... Let your argument be an expression of inner Love ... of inner completeness ... Be complete inside and express your ideas lovingly --- be pure love inside --- meaning, total Ramadasi  inside ;) --- and then express love ... allow Rama to flow through you ... let Rama operate through you... you write, let the words be Rama's words. Just imagine how rama would speak in a particular situtation ... and as you know him more closely, the more clearly you will express that Love ... Thus it becomes a sadhana for you

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10 years ago  ::  Mar 30, 2008 - 7:02AM #6
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Hi Asha,
Here and Now is all you have. Please see. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to come. Both are non existent entities right now. If they are anywhere, they are in mind!

Here and now is all that is right now. So when a person seeks God... where is God ? Here, Now... but if he says he will find God tomorrow, it means he hopes to meet his mental idea of God ... coz the idea of God of tomorrow cannot be anywhere else but mind ... he is not seeing God here , now ... but seeking God in the future ... an image in his mind ... its natural he misses !

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10 years ago  ::  Mar 31, 2008 - 1:44PM #7
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I sincerely hope that Hindu Guy and Ramadasi will make up with each other. Life is too short for this kind of misunderstanding!
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2008 - 4:49AM #8
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yes gangajal ... life is too short for such kind of futile fightings

nalini dala gati jala mathi taralam
tatvat jeevitam atishaya chapalam
vidhi vyadya abhimana grastam
lokam shoka hatam cha samastam

says shankaracharya

life is like a drop of water on a lotus leaf ---transitory ---
full of arrogance, disease and ego ...
life is all sorrow !

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