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9 years ago  ::  Jan 12, 2009 - 9:45AM #1
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Many wonder if the name Hagar < Aramic > meaning '' Rock '' is an Egiptian name . Hagar ( which can be found in Genesis 16;4-6 ) ,

Genesis 16;4-6 ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And then he entered Hagar ( having a sexual intercource with her ) and she became pregnant ; And when she saw that she became pregnant , her mistress ( Sarai ) was despised in her eyes . And then Sarai said to Abram , '' My injustice is your fault ; I gave my slave girl into your bosom ; And when she saw with her physical eyes that she became pregnant I became despised in her eyes ; A Yahuwa judge between you and me '' . But Abram said Sarai , '' Here your female slave is in your hand ; Do to her that which is < Tobe > Agreeable in your eyes . And Sarai put her down and Hagar ran away from her face .

Note that her name was mentioned 10 time in the bible Hagar is not an Egiptian name even though she was an Egiptian . her Egiptian name was Haqa -Re . Hagar Was the Hebrew name used in the bible not Haqa-Re . In reality she was the daughter of I - En-hotep ( a Ptahite )

Now why would their god not use her real name Ramese was used . The name Hagar < Aramic > is derived from the Egiptian name Hat-Hor or Hathor , which is Hat meaning '' House ' and Hor meaning ' on high of Hor or Hor-us . Hathor was the wife of Haru ( Hor-us ) , the falcon headed sky Neter ,

who was the son of Netert Aset ( Auset , Osiris ) and Neter ( Usir , Osiris ) . making the triad of Ancient Tama - Re from which all other triads originated from . Hagar became the Egiptian wife of the Chaldean Abram . as mentioned in Genesis 16 ; 3 ..

Genesis 16;3 ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And then Sarai , Abram's Confidante wife took Hagar the Mitsriy '' Egyptian , her slave girl after Abram had dwelt 10 years in the part of the Planet Earth Of Canaan , and she Sarai gave her to Abram her husband to be his < Ishshaw > Confidante Wife .

and after Hagar gave birth to a son called Ishmael , Sarai became jealous Genesis 16; 4-6 , forcing Hagar to leave to the wilderness where she called upon her Egiptian deity El Roi < Aramic > Genesis 16;13 . ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And she Hagar called the name of A Yahuwa , the one who spoke to her , El - Roi , the El of the sun ( RA Of Egypt who sees with a physical eye ) .

Just think why would Hagar call on the Egiptian deity El Roi , or Ra unless her name was changed purposely or she was fabricated from the deity Netert Hathor . To make a long story short the Bible and Qura'an didn't make sense , they were fabricated stories of the Egiptians , like everything else today .

Even Abram name was changed to Abra-ham ( Ab ' father Ra ' the Egiptian Neter Ra ' And ham ' Kham ) . Ab- Ra - Ham , Which means '' heart '' sun deity - blackness '' . So you aee , everything ties back to Egipt . Every major person in your holy bible and Quraan was sent to Egipt . Abraham was sent to

Egipt , Isaac was sent to Egipt . Moses went to Egipt , Ishmael was sent to Egipt , Joshua , Mary mother Jesus was sent to Egipt , because the King at that time Herod was trying to kill him . The Israelites continuously went to Egipt as shown in Genesis 41;53-54 , And Genesis 43;1-2 ,

Genesis 41;53-54 ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And the 7 years of < Sawbaw > Plentifulness that was in that part of the Planet Earth of Mitstrayim were ended , And the 7 years of famine began to come just as Yosafe had said and the famine was in all of that part of the Planet Earth but in all that part of the Planet Earth of Mitsrayim there was bread and meat .

Genesis 43;1-2 ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And the famine was worse in that part of the Planet Earth . And in time when they had eaten the grain which they had brought out of Mitsrayim , their father said to them , '' Return and buy us a little food .

Genesis 12;10 ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And there was no food growing in that part of the Planet Earth ; So Abram went to Mitstrayim Egypt to seek hospitality there , for the lack of food growing was very bad in that part of the Planet Earth .

The Egiptian Deity Hat-hor ( Hathor / Athyr ) was replaced with a fabricated person named Hagar . Abraham who was a Chaldean from Ur . which were Sumer-ians and Shinar in your bible , and through out our history the Sumerians are known to be black people Nubians who traveled in many directions .

Not all tribes were invited into Egipt but Abraham as a Sumerian was invited , that is how he was let into Egipt . he was blood related . Yet There Are No Records In Ancient Egipt That Abraham , Isaac , Or Moses Ever Existed . In The Book Encyclopedia Of The Bible , New Revised Edition Copyright 1986 Pg . 42

It clearly states As Follows ; The Israelites And Ancestors . Archaeology provide no direct evidence relating to the story of the Israelites and their ancestor until the people occupied their Promised Land . Abraham , Isaac . Jacob and his sons of Canaanite cities and with the pharaohs of Egipt . But it would be extraordinary to find their names in the records of those princes .

It is also noted in this book that Egiptian Monuments give no evidence of the infamous Exodus . Therefore it should be question where did an Egiptian bondservant as she was called in Genesis 16;1 ( In Aramic ) And I Quote ; And now Sarai '' princess '' Abram's < Ishshaw > Confidants '' Wife ' could not give birth for him and she had a female servant of Mitsrayim '' Egypt ' whose name is Hagar '' Wanderer , rock '' .

Where Abraham's wife get the name Hagar from , which is not an Egiptian name ! It is time that we begin Searching for the Answer To These Question And Stop Accepting Anything which we have been told by the worlds so called Religions .

It is time to ask Question And Stop Believing What You Have Been Traditionally Taught About The Origins Of Man And Religion As You Know It . The Root Of All Civilization Are In Egipt
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7 years ago  ::  Nov 29, 2011 - 7:47PM #2
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You would be more trustworthy if you could spell "Egyptian" correctly.
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