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9 years ago  ::  Jan 27, 2009 - 6:59PM #11
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Huson wrote:

"We trivialize our disunity but calling it simply a disunity of jurisdictions or an administrative division -- as though the division we sustain is not a matter of the heart or essence or faith of the Orthodox Church. Jurisdiction and administration ring in our ears as merely external and relatively unimportant divisions, and so the tragedy of our division is belittled. As though our present divisions are merely the unfortunate turns of history, which we must benignly endure until they naturally go away.

"I beg to differ from such an appraisal. Such tamed and pacified descriptions of Orthodox disunity in America are untrue, inconsistent with Orthodox theology, mask the very serious nature and consequences of our present division, and steal the sense of urgency that the Spirit of God births in the hearts of the faithful in the face of disunity."

The Trivialization of Disunity

POh, I totally agree with his poinht.. but you'll note that he's saying this is "inconsistant with Orthodox theology" as in ONE theology. not "it's against the theology of the Greek chruch, but not of the russian chruch (or wahtever).  the disunity in the US is a tragedy, and is indeed against our theology.  it is an accident of history...but we can and should act to resolve them. 

but they are not proof that there is no single theology of the ORthodox Chruch.  quite the contrary.. BECAUSE the Chruch is One, we can't allow the situation as it exists to continue.

I'm an optimist, though. I honestly believe taht we will, perhaps in my lifetime, (a mere eyeblink in Orthodox terms) if not entierly resolve the problem, then at least make significant advances towards resolution.  I think it's going to happen sooner rather than later.  Look at how quickly (relatively speaking) the ROCOR reunited with the Russian Chruch.  no, of coruse, it wasn't 100% smooth and painless.  but it happend.  THis brings the largest group of Orthodox that were not in communion back into the fold.  we are now at least (with a few small exceptions) all in communion with each other.  I suspect the next step will be some sort of agreement between ROCOR and OCA (both daughter chruches of the Chruch of Russia), and between OCA and the Antiochans (who are now majority convert churches).  The Greeks will be the hardest nut to crack, but I think even they will within a generation join the rest. I really think this will happen sooner rather than later (remembering that "soon" in Orthodoxy is not "soon" in our "I want it yesterday" society). 

What will allow this is that we ARE One Church.

Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available.

NOTE: This post is a natural product. The sleight variations in spelling and grammar enhance its individual charicter and beauty and in no way are to be considered flaws or defects.
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