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8 years ago  ::  Dec 19, 2009 - 12:48AM #41
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Dec 21, 2008 -- 3:16AM, Wiscidea wrote:

  (1) Do Neo-Pagans tend to believe the cosmos is eternal or arose by natural processes vs. the work of a creator god or goddess?  (2) Do Neo-Pagans tend to view gods and goddesses as natural vs. supernatural?  (3) Do you think a person can be an Atheist Neo-Pagan?  (4) Is there much difference between a Neo-Pagan and a Pagan?  Thank you very much for your replies.  Peace.

I know I'm a little late answering, but I just found this thread. 

(1) Well the way I see it, the universe is not eternal.  Entropy affects all things.  All energy eventually decays, and I believe one day (untold eons from now) the universe will cool to absolute zero and disappear.  Gods and goddesses are constructs of the human mind, and are representational aspects of natural forces.  I still can't see myself not believing in something though, and that is why I see the earth as a living being.

(2) I view them more as natural obviously.  But, that is just my opinion.  From the previous posts, you can see that pagan is an umbrella term.  Although you already knew that.

(3) Absolutely.  I don't really see anything as god or goddess.  Just living creatures greater than myself.

(4) Honestly, I can't say definitively whether there is a difference or not. I don't think so, I believe that pagan was a word used by Christians to describe beliefs that weren't Christian.

This is just what I believe and I do not even pretend to speak for others.  I hope this is what you were hoping to get in response.

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