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10 years ago  ::  Jul 22, 2008 - 7:40PM #1
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Greetings all,

"God" does not have to be believed in, had faith in or be sacrificed to; just known as "God".  "God" does not have to fulfill prophesies to have man believe or have faith He is; just known as "God".  "God" does not have to use visual signs and wonders like: plagues, raining fire or appearing to have man believe or have faith He is; just known as "God".

"God" does not curse, kill, make war, smite, demand sacrifice, plague or lie.

So if you believe or have faith in a god that does all these things you have the wrong "god" and need to look again at the scriptures.

If "God" does not do any of these things; then who is in the Old Testament known as "the LORD" that does?

The Truth will astound, anger, frustrate, amaze, hurt, heal and deliver!  The Truth that no man that lives has ever found.  The Truth that has been hidden right in front of man's eyes.  The Truth that man has misinterpreted the scriptures right from the start 8,000 years ago and mankind has never questioned them to see it.  Of even beliefs of the ancients of the nations that were looked up to as man-gods.  The Truth that not one religion is right and all are wrong.  The Truth that there is a whole other "God" and "Jesus Christ" other than they teach and even Paul knew.

The Truth that neither are what mankind has come to call "the LORD".

To those who believe, have faith, are religious or are enlightened:  There is an old, dark, tyrannical, evil warLORD out there eating you all for lunch.  He goes by the name Jehovah and sometimes is known as Jeshua.  He is in your thoughts, heart and possesses you very soul...oh and he is the Devil of devils.  Angels are not what man thinks they are and neither is this LORD over them.

"To know thee the only true God and "Jesus Christ" whom thou hast sent".  John 17:3 The only words of the True Eternal Life in all the scriptures.  That "God" is Elohim and His "Jesus Christ" is the "Lamb of Elohim".  King and Prince.  Father and Son.  God and His Lord!  No belief needed, no faith needed; just know your Father God and Brother Jesus Christ as do I.

The Brother of Jesus Christ
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