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11 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2007 - 12:28AM #1
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"One day soon, a package will arrive in pop star Britney Spears' mailbox, postmarked Lexington, Ky., and filled with letters bearing this general message: Britney, Jesus loves you. The congregation of Southland Christian Church loves you as Jesus loves you. We are praying for you.

The idea for the package came to Southland senior pastor Jon Weece, as week after week, he saw news of Spears' downward spiral.

Stays in drug rehab, the shaved head, a misdemeanor hit-and-run arrest and late-night attention-getting behavior were followed by a judge temporarily taking away custody of her two boys.

And so in a sermon and in a Sept. 19 blog on the church Web site, Weece asked his congregation of nearly 8,000 people to put together a box of letters for Britney, who he said had made "devastating life choices."

[COLOR="Blue"]Couldn't They Reach More of the Down and Out in a Prison?[/COLOR]
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2007 - 6:21PM #2
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Yes, they probably could, but they wouldn't get attention for doing that.

I am still wondering why Britney is in the news at all. The restaurant I work in has Fox News on one of the tvs, and I saw headlines about Britney Spears' custody issues about three times in thirty minutes. My guess is that they were having a slow news day.
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2007 - 6:31PM #3
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I am still wondering why Britney is in the news at all.[/QUOTE]

I have yet to figure out how she ever got a recording contract to begin with, unless it's the end result of a Jerry Springer culture. Find some bimbette living in a trailer park with plants growing in tires painted white in the front yard, bleach her hair and show her navel and voila' you have a star!
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11 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2007 - 6:39PM #4
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Why are they targetting Britney?  Are they not praying for all the countless young people who who's lives are in a mess? 

Actually I like her, I think she is a superb performer- sorry, was a superb performer.  You have to admit Hit Me Baby One More Time and Toxic were outrstanding pop products. 

If the church was trying to generate a high profile for their general attitude of care for people in difficulties then maybe that's a good thing.  A lot of publicity has been given to various people laughing at her, gloating and moralizing.
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