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Sticky: Local Guidelines
11 years ago  ::  Oct 15, 2007 - 2:40PM #1
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Debate the validity and relative merits of Wicca.

You must be courteous to all, even those whose beliefs you find offensive.  Make your case, or refute other views, but do not make negative remarks about other members.  Express opinions within the limits of the Rules of Conduct

This board is not designed as a community for any particular group; it is an open debate welcoming both followers and critics of Wicca.

Beliefnet encourages Wiccans to visit the Wicca Forum to seek community with each other .

SST Explanation

What is a SST?
A Specific and Serious Topic. Putting SST at the beginning of a thread title indicates that this thread has been created to discuss a serious topic that needs to stay specific. This topic must also fall within the subject matter and the local guidelines of the Board it is created on.

Why include SST in the title of my thread?
For the same reason as members create threads called O/T: name of thread. That indicates to the Hosts and other members that the thread is off-topic to the board. SST indicates that the thread is about a specific and serious topic pertinent to the board.

Who can create a SST thread?
Any member can create an SST thread although at the moment, only the Hosts of the Wicca Forum have so far agreed to provide the extra monitoring required for a SST thread.

What if I want to participate in a SST thread?
That's great and we encourage you to do so but please remember that you will be expected to stick to the specific topic and contribute in a respectful and serious manner. SST threads are not for posts you might wish to make that are frivolous or humorous even if they are on the topic or posts that are off-topic or that change the subject from the stated topic. Regardless of how courteous you are, these kinds of posts will be removed on a SST thread by the Host(s) who will be monitoring such threads. And as your Host(s) already do on all threads, they will remove any post that involves any ROC violations or that responds to a post that has been removed for a prior violation.

Why remove my post when I am just responding to someone else?
Your post would only be removed if you were responding to another post that has been removed for any of the above reasons. Often when members respond, this involves copying and pasting part of the other post or at the very least continuing the line or tone of discussion in that other post. In other words, continuing the very reason why that other post was deleted in the first place. If your post is left on a SST thread, someone else might respond to you and the discussion of that specific and serious topic will end up being derailed.

What if I don't want to participate in a SST thread based on those restrictions?
Please respect those who are participating and ignore the SST thread. If you wish to discuss that specific subject or a point or an idea that arises in within that thread or because of that topic but in a manner that is not in keeping with these restrictions, we welcome and encourage you to start a non-SST thread to do so.

What if I want to create a SST thread on a topic I think is serious but someone else might not?
If you are in doubt, you can always send an email before you create it to the Board's Host(s) at the community mailbox to check if the topic is appropriate for a SST thread. Or you can create it but if it is clearly not serious, then the Hosts will remove your thread but take your post(s) and create a new thread with the same title excepting the SST designation. Unless the topic is also not appropriate to the board in which case it will be removed and you will be sent an email explaining why.

Why do we need such things as SST threads in the first place?
Those members who wish to introduce a specific and serious subject regarding Wicca have found in the past that these threads are invariably derailed or digress into other topics. We recognize that digression is a natural progression for threads but where participants want to remain focused on a specific subject, digression becomes an issue. Likewise, it has not been uncommon that a thread on a serious subject will end up detoured by participants who introduce humor or frivolity and thus derail the seriousness of the overall discussion. We want members to be able to introduce these kinds of specific and serious topics into this forum as everyone in this community can benefit from such discussions.

But I'm a member of Beliefnet, why can't I post anything I want wherever I want?
As a member of Beliefnet, you have agreed to abide by the ROC and also by the local guidelines in the boards you participate in. Any thread or post that violates the ROC or the local guidelines in the Wicca Forum will be removed on those grounds. Provided you remain within those restrictions, you could post anything you want. The SST threads however do have a special set of local guidelines in order to help facilitate a specific kind of discussion.
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