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Sticky: Welcome & Introductions
10 years ago  ::  Oct 14, 2007 - 6:29PM #1
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Welcome to Eastern Religions Discussion, Dialogue and Debate!  Please introduce yourself in this thread.

Please feel free to start new discussions by creating a new thread. Or bring over a topic from the old board using copy and then paste into a new thread.

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10 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2007 - 2:24PM #2
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Welcome to Eastern Religions Discussion, Dialogue and Debate!  Please introduce yourself in this thread.

Please feel free to start new discussions by creating a new thread. Or bring over a topic from the old board using copy and then paste into a new thread.

This board is currently without a host. If you would be interested in hosting, please send an email to us at[/QUOTE]

I was raised by a zen buddhist and a wiccan i know a lil bit about i ching and i hate to quote myself: its kind of wierd but i am posing this to all spiritual blessing discussion group  to learn how i can bless my family....thank you thank you thank you     for your time

my pastor:imam is teaching me about grimmoires , so i am just learning to meditate ... i am recently married,, long time in a relationship ... this talk of things you keep physically is perfect for a request i had.
.. if you guys wanted to could you guys send me the names and any sites about what is physically respectful for a big family to honor your tradition including things babies and young adult might enjoy like your family does

also do you guys suggest any books about the -=-taoist and all related...- experience for you and those you love novel or factual...about your experience now...
i am recently dealing with leaving an almost cult like well lifestyle that i Did Not want to be in so different religious tradition...its my calm in my family to adorn our new life with all the beautiful things in the world. for my family: the world community: ummah and the things that keep us healthin in Their! life... for us religious anythings

oh and some of the things to keep around the house, the ones that are close to my heart are all things that are traditionally inside the house and for comforting your family, i have adopted foster kids

thank you so much ... and all and anything appreciated... i am in the healthy living groups and family interests and the science and religion...

i feel u add to my life that you as spoiling... i just try to match it... and all details about life in shamanism and the details LOVE LOVE LOVE thank you -nuitprincess
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 03, 2008 - 4:00PM #3
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New to the boards,

Looking for a place to discuss Taoism and learn more.  Am I in the right place?  Please advice so I can post more appropriately my questions.  Thanks.

Hope you enjoy a Happy New Year.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 18, 2008 - 7:18AM #4
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Hi, I am a student of religion. My question is how Taoism understand God? This is what I think, tell me if I am wrong. Taoism has a pantheistic God view. God is the universe. The universe is the body of God. God is not transcendent. Yang and yin is the fundamenta principle Taoism is based on. All live exists and multiplies through the interrelationship of the masculine and feminine principles. This is true from the sub atomic nano level to the macro galactic and universal level. We are unique masculine and feminine parts of the whole cosmos. We achieved self awareness as human beings about 30,000 years ago. We exist to live in harmony with each other and all things. This is he way of Tao in a nutshell as I understand it.
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 09, 2008 - 2:23PM #5
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From  my  book..."The  tao of  zen"  by  Ray  Grigg....." zen  comes  from an  abbreviation  of   the Japanese   zenna, which  comes  from  the  Chinese  ch'  of  ch'anna,  which  is from the  sanskrit  dhyana,  meaning  meditation.  "  ...

zen is  spontaneous  and  aims  to  shake up concepts,  thus  activate  the  intuitive  and  experiential of  existence.   The  school of  dzogen (i  think  the  spelling is)  is solid in the fact  that  samsara (material  world)  and  nirvana (enlightened  awareness)  are  of  the  same   ONE-ness.

"Taoism is  the resolution of  the  subject-object,  active-passive  paradox  that was invented  by  self-conscious  deliberation.  It  puts  together the  wholeness  that  personal  willfulness  took apart.  In simplest  terms this is  done by  entering the  dichotomy  and  becoming  the  empty  stillness  in  the  center  of  the paradox.  This  Taoist  strategy  then  moved through  Chinese  Ch'an  and  became  the  essential  strategy  of  Japanese  Zen.

This  original  Taoism  was  aka  "quietism".   The  tao is  too   ordinary / simple  to  be  explained,  says  one  teacher.    Impermanence,  emptiness  (the  diamond  sutra),  self-less-ness,  wu wei ..... effortless-ness,   and  we  as  the  "te"  in  identity  with  the  "tao"  is  all  to  be  contemplated  /  felt,  but  not  at  all  easily  put  into words...... Art  yes.

Hi!  My name  is  Steve .... eclectic  by nature,  love  the  Hindu,  Sufi (Rumi & Hafiz),  Gnostic  Christian,  Buddhist  and  blessed  lessons  via  observation of nature.

A  disciple  asked  Buddha...."are  you  god?"

"No."  He  replied.

"Then  what are  you?"

"Awake",  said  the  Buddha.........

Something  we  are  destined  to try  for  and  in the Sufi's  tradition  the  longing  is  as  important  as  the  finding.  I  write  mostly  on  C2C  debate  as  more  activity  draws  me in.   I'm not  that  quiet,  but  do   live in  nature  and  that  helps,  and  gives  me  inspiration,  and  the desire  to be  a  bridge  between  2  worlds  that  need  integration.
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9 years ago  ::  Dec 24, 2008 - 2:03AM #6
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Well, I've dabbled in Taoism for a few years, but I want to get more into it. I don't know if a new thread should be started or whatever.
I have the Benjamin Hoff books, the Tao Te Ching, and a book by Eva Wong, called "Tales of the Taoist Immortals". Any others I should get?
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9 years ago  ::  Dec 26, 2008 - 2:37PM #7
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Greetings  Tao Jew(el)  Girl,

Kind'a  quiet  on this  board  so  welcome!!  I  could  use  the  company.  I  mostly  write  on Christianity  debate....though  not  the  debater  here  or  there.  I am  mainly  an  osho  lover.  He's  said  so  many  good  things  on  Lao  Tsu  and  Tao.  is  fun.  Also  Dr.  Wayne  Dwyer  spent  a  year  contemplating  the  Tao Te  Ching,  and  has  been  on  pbs  several  times.  He's  also  on  you  tube.  The  Tasoism  board  at  B-net  has  some  more  detailed  practices  that  are  deeper / esoteric.

I  go  with  osho  and  Lao  Tsu  signaling  that  the  ordinary  is  the  way  to be,  and  the  "Quietism"  aspect  as  a  good  method.  Osho  .....  I was  reading  on  Fragments  of  Heraclitus,    "Hidden  Harmony"....  He  was  saying  30  yrs.  ago......Lao  Tsu  in  the  Tao  was  teaching  3  things  mainly......Love,  balance / temperance,  and  nature.

Acceptance  of  the  good  as  well  as  the  vissisitudes  and  embracing  the  Whole is  a  main  theme.  We  are  more  likely  to  feel  the  proper  identity  with  the  Existence  by  being  the  drop  of  water  that  disolves  in the  ocean,  rather  than  trying  to "be  the  tea  cup  that  tries  in vain  to  hold  the  whole  ocean."

There's  a  book  called  "I'm  a  Jewish  Buddhist".   And  Mark  Epstein,  a  therapist,  is  good  to  read.....though  he  is  more  on  Buddhism  than  Tao.

Really  absorbed  guys  were  Rumi  and  Hafiz ....though  not  Taoist....Sufi.

Blessings  on  this  rainy  day!
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6 years ago  ::  Aug 07, 2011 - 1:40PM #8
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In High school  a Japanese and Chinese classmates  and friends  sparked my interest s in Japanese and Chinese culture.  In the Air Force I  had a  one year tour  in Vietnam and  one in Japan.  Along the way from High School to Discharge from the USAF, I read about Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, etc. I read the Tao te Ching , and  other eastern writings. While in Vietnam and Japan I visited some shrines and Temples.  In College I had some courses in Chinese and Japanese Humanities. After College I attended Seminary and became a Military Chaplain. I continued to read books of Philosophy, theology and religion.  My personal motivation to enter the Chaplaincy was not for religious reasons but to help solders. I continued on my personal spiritual journey.  After leaving the Army, I left the denomination I was  with and for a while was part of a Unity congregation and then to Unitarianism.  For the past few years I have studied and followed the Tao.   I still see some wisdom in the Teachings Jesus but no longer see him as a messiah or as “The Christ” .  The Tao is difficult for some because it is an unknown knowing, a frail strength, a strong frailty, an existing non existence . The Tao is a journey  for the present, following the tao.


“I seldom make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect.” Edward Gibbon
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