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3 years ago  ::  Jan 04, 2015 - 10:34PM #1
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My name's Hailee, and I'm a 20yr old college student. I was recently married in April, and live on my campus with my husband and my cat.

I'm currently converting to Catholicism, which has been a long process which began in early childhood. My extended family is very Catholic (I'm Irish-Italian), but my parents had me very young, so was never baptised, and grew up surrounded by incense and moon meditations. I called myself "Wiccan" from the time I was 10 to about 18.

Although my husband isn't baptised either, I credit him, as well as my extended family members, who brought me to Christ. He's not a churchgoer now, but he has always believed in Jesus Christ. I met him at 17, and because of him I finally began to give Christianity a serious look.

At Christmastime when I was 18, I felt a sudden and rather alien need to go to Church, and my grandfather, a born-again Christian, gave me a Bible, The Message. After that, my faith began to snowball into something I couldn't ignore.

Unfortunately for me, although my husband was the spark which ignited my spiritual fire, and the one to whom I feel bound by God, he does not like the Catholic Church. He calls it a "bloated bureaucracy", and feels that the only thing that should be important in one's faith is their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He does his best to support me and remain quiet, but his dislike of Catholicism still shows through.

Is there anyone who has run into a similar issue like this? All I really know to do about it is pray.
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3 years ago  ::  Feb 17, 2015 - 12:39PM #2
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Leeloo, I am so glad I saw your post! I have had many wanderings similar to what you describe and many similar experiences. I am a "cradle Catholic" raised in a very devout setting, but then went off into the world for most of my life, including Wiccan and related explorations, and I have had also shared the disapointment with Catholic bureaucracy that you describe in your husband.

I think he is right to point you to the personal relationship with Jesus, because Christ is at the center, but the danger most "Jesus-only" Christians face is that they can become very shallowly connected to a modern view of Jesus and they lose the ancient, eternal awareness of Christ that is actually embodied in the Church's many facets. The bureaucracy is an unfortunate part of our human condition, isn't it?

Most early saints were mystical in many ways that some modern Wiccans seek to replicate in their own ways. These saints struggled to find Christ very personally and against great obstacles, often against the very bureaucracy your husband distrusts. I found my way back into the church through re-discovering these old saints.

Have you read St Teresa D'Avila's "Interior Castle"? Or any of her writings? Talk about bureaucracy! She was ordered to write her books by investigators of the Inquisition who were suspicious of her spiritual path, and if they had not liked her work, she would have faced immolation! But they admitted they saw the truth about Christ in her work and made her a saint.

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