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Switch to Forum Live View Anyone ever Win, any prizes from on line, in times like these we all could use freebies?
7 years ago  ::  Nov 19, 2010 - 1:56AM #1
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Over the years I Have read articles, where some people have won, lots of prizes from websites, and other places, cash travel and guess prizes. Sometimes when I Am watching Regis, and Kelly, they even call someone who says they won a previous prize which are the travel trips to different locations, so how is it some of these offers require you to go around the world wide web, and it seems in an attempt to get you going to win the prize offered at the door, you keep trying til, you finally give up. So what have you won lately? Share sites that you know are cash, or prize worthy, and actually give you the prizes they offer? Dont just keep it to your self. Even coupons, and restaurant discounts that are really true would make it worth while otherwise they are just filling our email boxes with trash. I Did use to get almost a free book a month thru Billy grahams website, but when I Receive my ne wsletters from them I Know longer see the books mentioned. But Pastor C. Dollar, has nice tapes, cd, and book offers says send whatever you can send. Also at phonelines have great prayers going up. who do you recommend? Where have you gone and were excited about the prayers you received. Did you sign up for aarp now that you are in your golden ages, you qualify for them as soon as you hit fifties, they give a lot of discounts and list a lot of services. Where do you go shopping on line that does not have high shipping fees? Since this is almost the holidays everyone wants to get the gifts to the relatives that are miles away, mailed off as soon as possible? I'm sure some of you have other recommendations for all kinds of cost savings some of you are computer savy dont just keep it to yourself. When you bless others God is going to bless you real God? What theatres nationally give the best senior discount tickets? What online dating services actually have low costs? 

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7 years ago  ::  Nov 19, 2010 - 3:47PM #2
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The only free thing (beside love from my family and friends) I've gotten lately was a bumper sticker.  It wasn't a prize, but I signed up to receive this free bumper sticker. 

Hubby buys lotto every once in a while, so far no millions.

I do have a friend who took a free trip and had to sit through a hard sell of time shares.  Frown

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7 years ago  ::  Mar 13, 2011 - 11:43AM #3
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Websites that claimed there are prizes to be won is nothing but a scam to keep a person clicking. These sites get 1, 2 or three cents for each click they recieve to their site, the more clicks the more money they make or they recieved free advertising for their site. The only one coming ahead is the site owner.

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