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Switch to Forum Live View Is it possible to find a soul mate at 52 yrs old?
7 years ago  ::  Mar 31, 2011 - 3:03PM #31
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I am in my 50's and I have my mate. Not really a soul mate.

I do believe it is possible at any age , even into your 80's.

It is all about your attitude in life. If your are open to receiving love I think it just flows your way.

I think older is better when looking for a soul mate...all the worry about looks and material things is out of the way.

I do find my mate more attractive now that the kids are out of the house. It is more enjoyable just to play with grandkids. Thank more teenagers!

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7 years ago  ::  Jun 02, 2011 - 7:37PM #32
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I have not been to any senior weddings but two wedding this year, and the couples were in their late twenties, or mid to late thirties, and they did special and unique things to acknowledge those with long marriages, like the first wedding they danced their dance to thier song and then they asked other married couples to join them starting from one year as high as fifty years, and then the asked the couples to sit down youngest couples to the oldest remaining and dancing until the end of the song. The bride then gave her bouquet to the wife of the oldest married couple. It was precious. Then at the end of the service when the pastor prayed his prayer included a prayer for those looking for a spouse and he acknowledged that he had only recently married himself and he looked to be in his late thirties or forties. You would think with all the turmoil going on, and financial issues more would be getting married. But seems its that more are just living together. Thats not such a good idea. Had a cousin who she had lived with for years their home was in his name, and his family had the funeral out of state so she had no say, and she has no ability to visit his grave subsequent to his funeral. Car was also in his name, and since she was not on the title she didnt get the car, he had been involved in a car accident, about two weeks before his death he had come to visit me and my father saying she had left him, and asking if we had seen her, but she did return and I had asked why she did not marry him. She gave me some lame excuse, they had lived together for ten or more years so whatever she said she had lived with him with thesed deficits, but if she had this to do over after he died, she probably would have married him.

He had custody of a child, which she had raised, Because the child lived with them, and the child was taken from her even though his mother was also deceased because they were not married. Could not get any widows social security to support the child or herself. There is a book called what every women should know about social security benefits , which was written specifically written for women, more of them should read it, because its better to make this important a decision with wisdom. This is one of the reasons gays desire marriage, yet many today arenot avocates of marriage.

Are there no marrying kind  heterosexual couples out there, is everyone just interested in lose sexual relationships, even tho there are STD'S THAT could cost many their lives. I REALLY DONT comprehend what is see on the television shows or in movies even shows written for young audiences. JUMP THE BROOM TIE THE KNOW WHILE THERE IS YET TIME.

God is Good
God is Worthy to be Praised.
Gods Word will endure forever.
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