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10 years ago  ::  May 18, 2008 - 5:29PM #1
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The Grandmothers Speak may seem a bit strange to some and possibly kooky to others, but I wanted to bring this to your attention so that those who are interested and accepting will help in this effort.

It is no surprise that we are, and have been, going through stressful times here on earth and in our lives.  We each have unique stories to relate.  I am currently reading a very informative and educational book, The Mystery of 2012, Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities, by numerous famous authors.   In this book, there is deep discussion from those who have become expert in the ancient Mayan  prophecies.  There are also many current experts in the spiritual who greatly provide exceptional insight and prophetic visions for the immediate future. 

In the positive, we envision a total changeover that will transform what we now experience into that which we  have great hopes to achieve for the sake of humanity.  A world of peace, love and sharing replaces a world of war, hatred and greed. 

But as the Grandmothers state below, we have work to do.....

Wolf Cry
Two days ago I was awakened in the early morning hours with this
message: "Call your tribe." I am not an indigenous person so the
word 'tribe' coming at me like this is a bit startling. However,
working with the Great Council of the Grandmothers who have come to
return the earth to balance, and working with the teaching and
helping spirits of the upper and lower world have taught me to sit
loose in the saddle and let myself go where I am being guided.

It was Wolf, the great teacher, who was speaking. "Call your tribe,"
he said again. "Call them and tell them the time is NOW! They are
needed!" he emphasized. " More people are needed to do the work of
holding the Net of Light at this time," he said. "Tell them to call
on the Net of Light and take their place on it. Ask them to then hold
it and cast the Net further and further. Wherever there is suffering
on earth and where there are people who long to serve, but don't know
how-cast the Net of Light," he said. "Tell everyone you know," he
said, "and write an article calling people to the Net of Light." When
the spirits speak to me like this, I listen.

The Net of Light is called by different names. Web of Light, Grid of
Light, Indra's Net, Net of Life and Net of Light are a few. They all,
however, refer to the same thing. The Great Council of the
Grandmothers say, "This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth
during the times of change that are now upon you." ("A Call to Power:
the Grandmothers Speak" by Sharon McErlane)

A few weeks ago the Grandmothers said, "In addition to casting the
Net of Light wherever there is suffering on the earth, begin now to
also cast to people who are disturbed by the rise of negativity on
earth and want to help in some way. Many of them have no spiritual
path to follow," they said. " They cannot relate to organized
religion and they have not found a way that speaks to their heart. We
ask you to cast the Net of Light to them now," they said, "so the Net
can take them to their path." When Wolf woke me in the middle of the
night he was basically repeating what the Grandmothers had said,
except that his message was much more urgent, ("Tell them that the
time is NOW!")

It is my experience that the Grandmothers and the helping spirits do
not mess around and they ask that now we not mess around either. They
are asking for our help. You can think of the Net as a lighted
fishnet that covers the earth, holds it from above, from below and at
the same time penetrates the body of the planet as well as the body
of everything that lives here on earth. The Net is lit by the jewel
of the heart of each person who holds it; it is held in selfless

The Grandmothers urge us to "Go forward now and take your place on
the Net of Light. Somewhere where two strands come together is a
place that will feel just right for you. Walk forward now and take
your place. Hold this place on the Net and let the Net hold you. You
hold and you are held in light," they say.

At this point there are thousands of people working with the Net of
Light through the Grandmothers network as well as seventy
Grandmothers groups focused on spreading their message in different
countries of the world. The Grandmothers say, "From this place on the
Net of Light, cast now to those who do not know that they too are
held in light. Cast to those who are suffering and also to those who
wish to help with this work but who have not had a way to access the
healing, love of the Net of Light. We ask you to do this for
yourself," they say, "and for everything that lives. And as you work
with the Net of Light," they add, "you will become a walking blessing
upon the earth.
"We bless you.

Both the Grandmothers' website:
and 'A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak' give a more detailed explanation of the Net of Light.

We have been asked to get this message to as many people as possible,
so if you have suggestions as to where we might post this (magazines,
newsletters, etc.), please get back to me. Also please forward to
people who would resonate with this urgent message.

I salute the beauty/power within you,

Sharon McErlane
"When I don't know who I Am, I follow You
When I know who I am, You & I are One"

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10 years ago  ::  May 19, 2008 - 12:07AM #2
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Thanks RF,

Your post is not in the least strange to me. I understand and appreciate your posting this for us elders.

One of my good spiritual friend came over to where I was parking cars yesterday. We were talking about 2012, what it happening now and what might be in the future. Us two legged are already feeling the affects of the change in the Ages which finally completes towards the end of 2011. Some say December 21, 2011 the Age of Aquarius begins.
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