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3 years ago  ::  Mar 01, 2015 - 7:05PM #1
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I have suddenly lost my mom without any signs of illness. I cannot believe I have lost her and this is my worst nightmare. I have been overseas for 4 years but did visit home two years back to see her. We had long conversations over the phone while overseas and the last one was on the week she just passed away on Sartuday 10 January 2015. I had to leave everthing and travel back home to arrange funeral since I am the eldest of the five children. It was hectic to arrange it all and I was working just like a programed machine. All fell into place and her memorial including funeral went smooth. I am down in dumps and had just returned to finish my studies when I was just two months away from finishing when she passed on. We had the best mom in the world and we felt it was our responsibility to arrange funeral to the best of our abilities. We are left alone for the first time in our lives and its very difficult. I remember 14 years ago whenever mom had travelled, if she did not arrive while it was daylight we would worry and my siblings would start to cry. We were not that young at that time, my young brother was perhaps about 12 years old. She lived her life ensuring that we had the best and educated. I can not see the way forward without her though it is my responsibility to ensure that the home and my siblings continue to pursue their aspirations. Still far away from home but hoping to return in the next two months.

I hope this forum would in someway assist me as I go through the grieving process.
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