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5 years ago  ::  Aug 01, 2013 - 3:56AM #1
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So Ive been reading about American men who to Japan and also other countries to find wives because they complain about American women.

Ive read whole articles and even blogs written by the men who do this.

The complain and gripe that American women are too liberal loudmouthed and that were too into feminsm as in womens rights , not feminine enough in our looks and not submissive enough that were too masculine in their words.

Well now whats your opinion? 

I have one. Apparently they havnt been to Texas. Sorry Im not putting that as Texas women being more feminine either a better way to say it is theyre not looking around much, American women in general are very feminine.

But I can only speak for Dallas though. I know this, that in Dallas Ive seen famous jewlers who come to Dallas on the morning show say tha DAllas is the Jewlry capital of the world not Japan not any other country not because men buy jewlry but because us girlie girlies wear more and buy more jewlry for women then any other place in the world thank you.  

The past few years Ive been somewhat off track because of my obesity but Ive got  a few dresses now and plan to start wearing them out with my jewlry and makeup I love my dresses I prefer dresses to pants infact and I love jewlry.

Thye just want an excuse thats all they dont know what theyre talking about American women are feminine.          


I think some of these men SOME not all are wifebeaters who cant find women to be their slaves and go to other countries because they think women from other countries are too ignorant to refuse their abuse.

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5 years ago  ::  Aug 01, 2013 - 6:14PM #2
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Sorry the tittle of this thread should be mail order brides I apologize I was sleepy last night.

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