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5 years ago  ::  Mar 22, 2013 - 7:17PM #61
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Mar 22, 2013 -- 7:15PM, Father_Oblivion wrote:

But gender is not. You are suggesting that contract law should be subordinate to gender preference, which is unconstitutional.

That has yet to be decided.  The process of determining inclusion on the basis of sexual preference has been incremental, state by state, often trampling on the desires of the voters.  Hopefully, SCOTUS will settle the issues, but that would surprise me.

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5 years ago  ::  Mar 22, 2013 - 7:50PM #62
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Mar 22, 2013 -- 6:04PM, Miraj wrote:

Mar 22, 2013 -- 5:57PM, Aka_me wrote:

Mar 22, 2013 -- 12:29PM, Miraj wrote:

For clarification: Polygamy: one man or woman with multiple spouses. Polygyny: one man with multiple wives. Polyandry: one woman with multiple husbands.

yes I know, if there's going to be polygyny there better damn well be the equality polyandry to.

but its funny, and I don't know why...

but I don't see it as common for men to tolerate listening to their spouse thump the headboard next door as it is for women.

Is it common for women?

I can't say how many Muslims practice polygyny

nor the number of Mormon offshoot adherents practicing polygyny

but the sheer size of the two combined, DWARFS that of polygyny practicianers.

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5 years ago  ::  Mar 22, 2013 - 7:53PM #63
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5 years ago  ::  Mar 23, 2013 - 4:45PM #64
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Mar 22, 2013 -- 4:28PM, TENAC wrote:

Mar 22, 2013 -- 4:16PM, Druac wrote:

Mar 22, 2013 -- 4:14PM, Girlchristian wrote:

Mar 22, 2013 -- 3:44PM, TENAC wrote:

Mar 22, 2013 -- 2:24PM, mindis1 wrote:

I have no moral disapproval of plural marriage. In fact, some while ago, my former partner and I decided to include another person in our relationship. This arrangement did not last very long, but I consider it a success. I liked the democracy that happens in a plural relationship.

But there are numerous important legal issues that would have to be ironed out if the state were to recognize plural marriages, particularly issues concerning divorce and children. For instance: Can any partner unilaterally dissolve the entirety of the marriage? Are all of the married persons parents and next-of-kin to all children? Can a single party to the marriage prevent another person from being included in the marriage? Is it community property and debt for all partners?

This is exactly my issue.

If it is an equal rights issue, bring CUs on par with marriage from the point of view of the court.  There is no need to bring all the legislative baggage into marriage.  Allow CUs to form and create them anyway you wish under the law.

This could happen.

Then you're simply engaging in 'separate, but equal' and we know that doesn't work. The only solution is to either make ALL marriages, including heterosexual ones, civil unions OR make ALL marriages, including same sex ones, marriages. Separate but equal is not the right thing to do.


Not to mention...why bother when you can SIMPLY give them the same rights you and I already have? Our Constitution already gives us the basis for that SIMPLE fix?

Because the glbt wont settle for ssm.  Marriage would necessarily be as they want it defined whether two men, two women or a  plurality of either.

Rather than bring all of this into marriage, create CUs whether the same relationship rights where they can be applied.  Mindis brings up some excellent points not faced in traditional marriage you will face and be able to address in a CUs.  So again my point, dont continue to stretch the definition of marriage.  Create the equality desired in CUs.

So again my point, dont continue to stretch the definition of marriage.  Create the equality desired in CUs.

so you are saying that the States have the power to write a civil union contract that includes federal protections?       Has DOMA tied the hands of any State that wishes to construct a civil union contract that is equal as far as federal rights and also includes a portability clause to the standard civil marriage contract?

Human nature leads people to put each other in neat boxes. Some put all women into one category, even though Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton both exist. Black Lives Matter activists are arrested for civil disobedience nationwide, but we talk about “the black vote” as though Republican Ben Carson isn’t running for president and conservative Clarence Thomas isn’t a justice of the Supreme Court.

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5 years ago  ::  Mar 23, 2013 - 5:55PM #65
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I think so im in favor of it yes.Ive watche dthe sister wives show and I dont really believe they are being treated like slaves no.

Although Im not in that type of relationship Ive ea don christian to Christian debate one lady said all Polygay ladies are nothing but slaves and viewed as poperty and its abuse.

However I do ahve a guyfriend who is Polyamourous Poly means many and Polyamourous people ahve many relationships instead of marriages;However some Poly relationships work like this; The man can have as many girlfriends as he wants but the woman who is married to him has to stay true to him although his girlfriends dont.

I uh had a friends with benefits deal on Poly sex relationship with him. Some might tink the same thing about the wife in that circumstance as wells ense shes not allowed to have other partners.

But the way it works with her is even though she cant have other boyfriends she does have to meet his girlfriends know who theya re and give him pemission to see them. She met me and she knew I was mentally ill and didnt have any designs on her husband.She aproved of me and actually she and I are good friends now

BUT she is also allowed to come and go as far as living circumstances and wirk goes. She does alot of volunteer work for UU is a leader for the church and I believe she works some too and she goes and travels alot she goes and does what she wants without having to have his permission without his approval.

I can see where some Polygamy sitautions maybe the same. The women are all his brides and they cant have other men but they are free to come and go travel and work how they want pursue career college whatever because hes got the other women there. See B knows that her husband wont be lonely becuse hes got other women so.

Thats how it works.

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