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Switch to Forum Live View Relating To Anc. Egypt, For Michael Jackson Fans, This Merits Careful Reading~!
5 years ago  ::  Dec 18, 2012 - 5:39AM #1
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As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album, a 'master class' of stellar production & performance, I can think of no better way to end this 'American New Year' than to tell of the 'drama' surrounding the video "Remember The Time" & the reason this video was made. This bears repeating as often as possible because VERY VERY few people know this reason & what's really interesting is that VERY VERY few who were close to MJ know about this (or at least they don't let it be known that they know).

I have spoken to folks who were around MJ during this period, including his brother Tito & when I asked them about this, they gave various answers, but none of these answers were pertaining to the reason. Even Wikipedia & other such sites do not divulge this reason. I found out about it near the late '90's by a singer I was working with who was then signed to Geffen records. At that time she was close to David Geffen's secretary & was told by her. Later around 2003 I heard an interview with Minister Farrakhan on cable TV & to my amazement he mentioned it in the interview. I also heard the same story from two of MJ's business associates.

Below I have included a clip of Farrakhan speaking briefly about MJ telling him what happened when he met with Steven Spielberg, David Geffen & others of this film idea. It can be heard into 7:44 of the clip..........

NOW..............I do NOT follow Farrakhan, nor do I vilify him. I'm simply posting the information because so far online he is the ONLY one divulging this information, (so don't be 'shootin' the messenger' here).

The reason the "Remember The Time" video was made was because MJ wanted to do a feature film which showcased the greatness of Black Africans in 'ancient Egypt'. He approached Spielberg & Geffen, who were then his good friends, with the intent of having them get behind the film. BOTH men & the others refused. When Michael said he would finance the film himself, he was told that if he did the film would NOT get major distribution.........(this is one of those moments when you just have to say "HHHmmmm~!!!!!").

Now the story could have stopped right there & STILL it would've been an incredible story not only because it was MJ saying this & not some other famous well-positioned Black filmmaker, but also because this isn't the MJ that we're used to hearing about in the media. He's supposed to be this lunatic Pop star who hates his people, etc.....

Well, with deep cleverness, MJ devised a plan to tell his film's story by doing a long video. Knowing that he would run into opposition because of the story's content, he 'disguised' the video with comedic overtones.........Now, I never spoke to MJ, but I would wager he did this video with the hopes that a filmmaker (Black, White, Asian, Latino-- whatever) would take this story idea, 'pick up the ball & run with it'. Man was he wrong~!!!!!!......TO THIS DAY, none have done so.

So this is the main reason, besides his talent that MJ is of the utmost importance to me & should definitely be cited not just as a great entertainer, but also as a 'film pioneer'~!!! We in the Black film industry are used to films being turned down because of the deepness of the story plot/content, but as far as MJ's story idea, it just don't get no deeper than this.........

STILL today, this video is the most important FILM made regarding this subject. It's not about liking or disliking MJ. It's about the idea he stood for.

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