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5 years ago  ::  Dec 01, 2012 - 8:58PM #1
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I am a Christian who is thinking of taking a course in Islam for University and I was wandering if anybody could give me some helpful tips and pointers on aspects of Islam that are open to interpretation or areas of Islamic faith in which opinions vary one from another... I think this knowledge would be able to aid my in my study of Islam. Since I go to a secular university, they are more interested in teaching about the cultures and social bodies that interpret the Islamic text and not so much on the Islamic text themselves. If anybody can point me to some areas of research that answer my question, I'd greatly appreciate it. I want to get a head start on this course because I think I will be disadvantaged in the course since at least 80 - 90% of the student population in the course will be Muslim themselves. Thank you. 
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5 years ago  ::  Dec 10, 2012 - 3:48PM #2
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Salaam Sister and welcome!

there are online traditional Islamic courses and that is what you need; traditional courses teaching Islam from an Islamic perspective and not as outsiders looking in

you can get basic information from websites; the list of which i'll provide at the bottom and for more indepth and intermeditate stuff, the courses are the best idea; or you could check with traditional mosques [it's important to pick a 'sunni' mosque for this purpose or you wont learn any of the mainstream stuff] or Islamic school near to you to see what type of courses they might be doing and wether there is one suitable for you

here are the links where you will find Islamic courses online


and links of sites where you can learn a lot of the basics about Islam:

there are questions and answers page on above two links [provided for courses] and here's one more for now:

Hope this helps : )

Peace Smile 

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