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7 years ago  ::  Oct 15, 2011 - 9:39PM #1
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Well, I guess it's agnostics 1, lazy Christians 0.  So says the Pope himself, Cardinal Ratzinger, I mean Pope Benedict XVI.  According to an article in Vatican Insider (yes, that's actually a publication, not an indictment) Ratzedict says it's better to be an agnostic than a bored Christian.

I'm sure we'd all agree.

Having been both, I'd definitely hang with the agnostics, who at least know what they don't know and keep it at that.  I can't remember the last time an agnostic picked my pocket, woke me up on Sunday or told me which couples could get married.  

It's not that I'm against religious people.  I like people.  People are nice.  And religion is interesting, just like comic books are interesting.  It's wonderful when people put their imagination to use.  It's just not cool when they get so caught up in playing house that they actually start hearing voices, or give uncritical obedience to nursery rhymes.

Or hide pedophile priests from justice, Ratzedict!

But the thought that Benedict has actually placed agnostics on a higher plane than bored Christians is hilarious.  But he's done it for good reason (besides the fact that he was in Germany and marketing Catholicism to a new generation).  

People who seek truth, wherever they may be, while standing in whatever tradition that has attempted to swallow them whole, are the only truly religious people.  They are the only ones really seeking anything - even if it's the raptures of a new galaxy or the epiphanies of a better line of thought.

Seeking is the only true faith, the only stance that matters.  Jesus spoke of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.  Too bad he dropped his dictionary on the way to the mount.  It would have been nice had he spoken of hungering and thirsting after truth.

Philo . . . sophia!

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