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7 years ago  ::  May 19, 2011 - 10:15AM #1
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Being exptremely careful and prudent

where positive strength is applied

with balance in rectitude...

building trust is to be trustworthy

that is the Way of Great People

in a position of honor they revolutionize

affairs of the land able to change standards

as clearly as are the tigers stripes....


"When things are changed by the Way of balance

and rectitude of great people, the change is clearly

evident, and divination is not needed to realize

that it is most appropriate. Therefore everyone trust

in the change made by great people."


"People are basically good by nature, and all can

be changed, but there are base and foolish people

who cannot be changed even by sages."


"Petty people, the ignorant and foolish people who

have a hard time changing, change their faces even

though they are unable to change their hearts."


"Once petty people have changed their exterior,

the course of revolution may be said to be complete

for them -  if they are pursued any futher to reform

them at a deep level, this is already extreme, and

extremes are not the Way."


"The path of great power is beneficial to those who

use it correctly..."

The Book of Change


"Should not those who practice the Tao contend

with themselves first...?" Victory seeking can be

eliminated by hard work and being correct so

that one can open a way to change... To never

make the mistake of being out of place is to

be distinquised from knowing something is

wrong and doing it anyway...

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 19, 2011 - 10:23AM #2
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"Waxing and waning, opening and closing,

cause each other ceaselessly;

when tranquility culminates, it reverts to

obstruction, overturning at the end -

there is nothing constant and unchanging.

But how could there be humanity at all?

Based on the principle of cyclic change,

once there is obstruction tranquility

must follow."

"The communication of above and below,

the harmonization of firmness and flexibility,

characterizes the Way of developed people.

Obstruction is the opposite of this, so it is

not beneficial for the rectitude of developed

people. This means that the right Way for

developed people is blocked and not

carried out."

"The I Ching takes its meaning according to

the time, changing and shifting, without

permanent fixaton."


The Book of Change



If "what one has is not great; one should practice

hidden inward cultivation, not injuring reality by

outside things - therefore, not associating with

what is harmful, one is not blameworthy. However,

even if one doesn't get involved in external things,

if there still are wrong thoughts arising within,

these too are 'things,' and are harmful and blame-

worthy. One must struggle to deal with them,

cultivating oneself and mastering the mind, so

that the false leaves and the real comes,

and one can have what one had not..."

"If you want to restore celestial qualities, producing

something where there is nothing, it cannot be done

but for the path of strength and illumination... Once

one is strong and lucid, one has inner autonomy and

cannot be moved by anything. This is real true

practice... unless strength is used to refine inner

illumination, so as to respond outwardly, one cannot

carry it out. Once strong and lucid, those who have

not can have, and those who have can expand it..."

The Taoist Ching


Preserving strength by illumination

integrated with celestial principle

strength and lucidity are as one

firmness and flexibility coincide

for the first time you realize

one's fate depends on oneself

no longer upon heaven...

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 19, 2011 - 10:42AM #3
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It is said, "When the first yang is born on the

ground of earth, thereby producing thunder, the

primordial energy comes from within nothingness,

and the heart of heaven and earth turns...

"Therefore returning without going anywhere

does not come about by human effort; it appears

spontaniously at a given time, and comes from

nature... Only then is one liberated from danger

and difficulty, and able to act freely in any way.

just as one wills."

"People have faults and commit crimes because

of obeying acquired conditioning, which obscures

the primal; indulging emotions and giving free rein

to cravings, they will go to any lengths. This is

why there needs to be effort to attain

self-mastery and self-control. Mastery and

control means correcting faults and eliminating

misdeeds, using energy to transform the

temperment. When the temperment has been

sublimated, the primordial comes back; with

the mind of Tao always present, the human

mentality does not arise. Once faults and

wrongdoings are eliminated, there is no more

need to work on mastery and control."


"To forgive means to forgive past faults, to

pardon means to pardon past misdeeds.

Forgiving and pardoning, sane energy grows

strong and aberrant energy spontaniously

disappears, the real remains and the false

does not come. Otherwise, if one does not

know when to stop at sufficiency, and still

keeps thinking about misdeeds and faults,

after all this is doing things with the human

mentality, which again calls on faults and

errors after they had been eliminated. What

had been dissolved does not dissolve;

the danger of mundanity still remains, and

celestial energy is not pure.

That is what is meant by the saying 'To

try to eliminate errant thoughts doubles

the affliction; to aim for reality as it is

also is a mistake.'"

"But the way to fill oneself with benevolence

and justice and taste enlightened qualities is

all in seeking by oneself, not relying on others."

"One day when you conquer yourself and

return to true order, the whole world will

revert to humanity."

"When truth is clear, then with real knowledge

and lucid perception, in action one cultivates

what is right, and in stillness one nourishes

what is right. When one attains what is properly

nurtured in both action and stillness, one can

thereby seek fulfillment by oneself."

The Taoist I Ching



"The word 'I' of I Ching means change; that is, changing

in accord with the time so as to follow the Tao. As a book,

the I Ching is vast and comprehensive: by following the

principles of essence and life, understanding the reasons

of the obscure and the obvious, and comprehending the

conditions of things and beings. It shows the way to

enlighten people and accomplish tasks."

Ch'eng I


Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 19, 2011 - 11:03AM #4
Posts: 178

Like so many forgotten traditions, the true purpose and meaning
of The Book  of Changes has been almost completely lost. In the
traditional Taoist sense  according to the 17th century master
Liu I-ming, "The Tao of spiritual  alchemy is none other than the
Tao of the I Ching, the Tao of sages is none  other than the Tao
of immortals, and that the I Ching is not a book of  devination but
rather is the study of investigation of principles,  fulfillment of nature,
and arriving at the meaning of life." 

Whereas 13th century Taoist master Master Lu Tung-pin
of the School  of Complete Reality says simply that,
"Although the words are very clear,  yet they are also very
vague. The shallow may take the I Ching to be a book  of
divination, but the profound consider it the secret of the
celestial  mechanism."
He then goes on to observe that, "Whenever I see those
whom  the vulgar call devotees of the Tao, I find that all of them
seek to be  taken in by spirits and immortals, or they seek lasting
life and  preservation of wealth by the practice of material alchemy
or sexual yoga.  When it comes to the great Tao of true eternity,
pure and open, tranquile  and dispassionate,
there are few who are interested in it."

There is  so much more to the I Ching than mundane divinations.

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 20, 2011 - 6:42AM #5
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With hearts desires in common correspondence

With true sincerity being faithful in the center,

mutual seeking is of the same voice and spirit

without aiming for it being spontaniously thus...

Where their wills are the same, "When there

is sincerity within, all respond to it, because

their truthfulness is the same. Ultimate truth-

fulness knows no separation by distance or

obscurity... Perfect truthfulness touches

people - knowers of the Way recognize this."


"The reason why there has never been a case

where peace on earth lasted and did not end in

disorder, is that people have not been able to

be careful when they were flourishing. When

they flourish, if they do not know to be careful,

they get used to peace and wealth, and hence

become extravagant; when life is easy and

people are relaxed and indulge themselves, social

order is forgotten. So people gradually get addicted

to indulgence, and are not aware that confusion

is coming."

"Usually when sages made warnings, they would do

so at times of flourishing; if you think about decline

when you are flourishing, then you can prevent full-

ness from culminating, and can see to it that fullness

endures. If the warning is given after decline has

already occured, then it is too late."

Cheng Yi


"Flexible receptivity in balance and correctly oriented,

seeking being by nonbeing, seeking fulfillment by

emptiness, is called knowing overseeing. When able

to know its overseeing, the mind-loard is clear and

peaceful; spiritual light shines within: When the other

comes the self awaits it, when yang comes yin recieves

it. Intensity, relaxation, and stopping at sufficiency are

all as they should be, and the primordial energy congeals

out of nothingness. This is overseeing merging yin and


"People of great power have extraordinary direction in

life; they observe all things with detachement, and may

let them go ot take them up. Having powerful will, they

can carry out powerful affairs, do what others cannot

do, be what others cannot be. Transcending the

ordinary and entering sagehood, they do what is rare

in the world. Like a movement of thunder rising from

earth to the sky, they startle the ignorant and amaze

the wordly, shaking up all."

Rectitude is auspicious, strong in advancing.

"Governing the inward with firmness, responding to the

external with flexibility, outwardly lacking yet inwardly

having more than wnough, being powerful without being

rambunctious,power is in balnce; when it is balanced it

is right, when it is right it leads to good results. This is

power with strict self-mastery."


Liu I-ming

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 20, 2011 - 7:06AM #6
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"Those who practice reality and delight in the Tao

do not let difficulty dsiturb their minds, and do not

let peril and trouble affect their will; the situation

may be dangerous, but their minds are not

endangered, the times may be perilous but the

Tao is not imperiled. Pleased with heaven and

aware of the aim of life, they are at peace wherever

they are: They use danger to nourish joy, and

use joy to guard against danger. The situation

may be up to others, but creation of distiny is up

to oneself. Yin and yang cannot restrict such people,

the created universe cannot bind them; whether in

adversity or comfort, they do not lose their bearings.

This is why discipline is developmental."

 "Their calmness does not reach the point of losing

mindfulness, and their activity does not reach the

point of losing essence. Their is a consistency about

their movements and stillness, adjusted appropriately

according to events, not restricted to a single pattern.

When the time comes to stop, they stop; encountering

danger they deal with it. When the time comes to go

on, they go on; getting out of danger they don't bring

on danger... This is because heaven and earth can

coerce what has form, but not what is formless; can

coerce the minding, but not the unminding. Discipline

is not according to mind but according to time, having

discipline yet according with the time. It is like

the sections of bamboo; each section has a boundry,

each section has a passage. In this way, how could

one fail to develop?"

"Thunder is something very active; when thunder stirs

in the earth, the mecahnism of enlivening operates...

so does the living potential return to humans when

their positive energy becomes manifest... What is the

living prtential? The potential is the natural innocent

mind inherent in humans. This is the progenitor of life,

the source of yin and yang. Once it falls into temporal

conditioning, it becomes covered by temperment, and

cannot be consistently manifest. When it occasionally

does manifest, this is the time of the return of the

celestial within the mundane."

"This time, however, is hard to gain and easy to lose;

most people do not know it, and miss it even when it

is right there. Because of this, the mundane gradually

grows and the celestial gradually wanes. When the

celestial is exhausted and mundanity is complete,

there is only death."

"When superior people who practice the Tao refine

themselves and master their minds, illumination arises

in inner openness, and the living petential is activated;

they should quickly gather it into the furnace of evolution,

conscientiously forestall danger, carefully seal it and store

it securely, fostering its growth from vagueness to clarity,

until there is eventually a return of the celestial energy to

pure completeness."


The Toaist I Ching

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 20, 2011 - 9:06AM #7
Posts: 1,815


Thanks for your posts. I enjoyed going through them this morning.  They reminded me of things I had forgotten.

Thank you again. 

I will look forward to reading more.

With love,

Rev Dorris
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7 years ago  ::  May 21, 2011 - 10:39AM #8
Posts: 178

Isn't that the way of our spiritual practice, to

be reminded of who we have always been?

Thank You for your kind comments Rev.Dorris...

"Movement and stillness depend on each other -

if there is movement there is stillness, and if

there is stillness there is movement... In the

order of the hexagrams... there is no way

for things to be constantly moving, so

Mountain follows Thunder..."

"The reason people cannot keep still is that

they are moved by desire. When desire leads

them on, they cannot stop even if they want

to do so... This stopping does not mean

forceibly stopping in the sense of control.

It means stopping peacefully, in the sense

of resting in the appropriate place..."


The Book of Change


"Being in place means being immutable,

stabilized in the right way. Thought that is

properly stabilized encompasses all reason

and responds to all things. Though one thing

all day, never being out of place, it is as

though there were no thought. Indeed, when

you know the One, all tasks are done; if you

do not know the One, then thought is out of

place. How many students in the world know

the One?"


The Taosit I Ching




Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  May 21, 2011 - 7:01PM #9
Posts: 1,815

"How many students in the world know

the One?"

The Taoist I Ching


Good question.  Of those who do, how many will admit they know the One?

Or better still, how many will live as if they know the One?

With love,

Rev Dorris
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7 years ago  ::  May 26, 2011 - 9:39PM #10
Posts: 879

May 21, 2011 -- 7:01PM, RevDorris wrote:

"How many students in the world know

the One?"

The Taoist I Ching


Good question.  Of those who do, how many will admit they know the One?

Or better still, how many will live as if they know the One?

well i feel like being glib so I just gotta ask,


'of those who do, how many will care to know whether or not they know the one?'

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