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7 years ago  ::  May 27, 2011 - 6:11PM #11
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'of those who do, how many will care to know whether or not they know the one?'

Maybe no One

With love,

Rev Dorris
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7 years ago  ::  Jun 05, 2011 - 10:24AM #12
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Reminds me of a movie called 'The Matrix'

'being the one', Oh, there it is, I said it,

or rather in this movie the oracle program

said this as if there could be only one, like

the One Ring that rules them all? I don't know,

seems just a bit ostentatious to contemplate

or let alone believe, the point being Knowing

the One is most likely a natural process of

being, something about or to do with this

thing we call freedom so often talked about or

brandished about like some badge of honor

for so many things mistaken to be bigger

than we are, causes and crises all bought

and paid for by our industrial military

complex... No it is something more

I suspect.





Yet to bring forth excellence should we not first

empty oursleves in all humility before the wise?

Clarity that arises from within inner openness

this generous good fortune of richness

of yeilding and nonstriving spontaniety

in the body of the creative in accord with

true reason steadfast in rectitude

to be certain there is no error

in firmness or flexibility

where emptiness and fullness correspond

spiritual illumination arising of itself...

using this cultural fire for incubation






Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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7 years ago  ::  Jun 08, 2011 - 8:50AM #13
Posts: 178

In the way of centered balance, which is also

the path of spiritual alchemy, "we take two

times eight ounces of the polar energies and

congeal them into an embryo; it requires that

the great and small be undamaged, and both

realms be complete. If yang energy is to strong

and yin energy too weak, then yin and yang

are not in harmony and you lose the path of

continured renewal... Practioners of the Tao

who promote yang too much, who do not know

when enough is enough, who can be great but

not small, suffer damage to their spiritual house."


However, "When practioners of the Tao reach

the point of greatness capable of smallness, this

is already the joining of yin and yang: One should

not be too yielding any more, because if yielding

is excessive it will damage firmness, and the great

path will be impossible to complete..." Otherwise,

"When one is weak by nature and also dwelling

in an inferior position, weakness is excessive...

not presuming to go ahead of others... presump-

tousness vanishes, and there is no fault of

excessive greatness..." Therefore, "Within excess

of the great there is still a way of not going to far;

it lies in people skillfully combining yin and yang

so that they end up in proper balance..." This is

being, in all ways, impartial and not onesided.


The Taoist I Ching


"If one is enlightened enough to clarify

what is true, then one can decide

what is right...

If one's strength is consummate yet

one is able to understand, then one

will not be hasty, but decisive...

If one is completely honest, and enjoys

oneself content in what duty commands,

then one can be blameless..."

However, "If one is unhappy with one's 

situation then one will be irritable and

hasty, and will fall frustrated into

misfortune...  When people in distress,

realizing nothing can be done, simply act

on whims without self-examination, they

are certainly not among those who rest

in what justice commands."


Cheng Yi



Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence
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