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7 years ago  ::  May 13, 2011 - 9:33AM #1
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peace and goodwill to all-

" the society of friends" has been a CHRIST center faith community from 1661 or there about. mr george fox is consider to be its founder and  much of its history as well as a nutshell view of long standing quaker faith and doctrines can be found by following this link

however we no longer live in 1661 and 'the now"  being a a new day in a very new age  requires  new thinking's if we are  to solve the very many christian church / social / environmental illnesses that become over grown like super weeds.

quaker faith and spirituality is as near to pure pre-paul apostolic spirituality ( although many quakers look to paul and his writings with love) that i have ever witnessed during my long search for a CHRIST CENTERED spiritual home community.

i now consider myself a " modern day quaker" and i am proceeding as mmr fox did before me form the belief that what i call " the pentecost event" was not ended on that sunday when Our Father Yahweh gave to His Sons Followers His Holy Spirit.

i believe that that Holy Spirits still even now Flow to all wanting human hearts  as IT was then-

and  then  and like now IT  still teaches   us all Our Father/ Our Savior Brother would have us to know in real time  -

IT  lead us to  show Our Savior Brother Sanctifying Love  and to shine  His Mighty LIGHT into this too dark world  by our faithful love centered  deeds, works  and when needs be  by word of The Truth of His Son-


also due to the newness of this day i myself reserve the spiritual right to modify as needed or  disregard in full any and all quaker past practices that Our Fathers Spirit may lead my heart beating in the hear and now to.

to my reckoning quaker thinking  was a great and most needed faithful work made by believers to free believers of  that age current  church age and all bindings and restraints that were created because they WERE good for ages past -

but that had over time and environment and contemporaneous culture morays have  become obsolete/ no long applicable/ no longer manageable /  and thus false / no long fully true and in need of being cut off like a lifeless branch from a healthy tree trunk.

over the years quaker thinking had itself become what it originally worked to over come; a community locked into its own history and thus becoming less effective and more divided as each year that passed.

enter now the day of the modern day quaker.

there  are some key differences between original quaker thinking and my modern day quaker approach that i will get into if this thread  " takes off" -

if not i will post them in my public journal for cyber posterity.

i would like your comment on this and if you can spare any - your prays/ good thoughts  in this near feeble effort work of loving service of mine gifted to my Savior Brother so that all His sisters and brother of this age may come to understand He Gave us our salvation with our faith -

we must still make our own satisfaction from following His Way of faithful love ALONE.

thinking about it now i can see no reason why a person can not continue in whatever faith or secular faith system they are now a part of -

and also be  a modern day quaker too wherever they may be.


yours truly
peter the roman

ps - happy. restful , and peaceful sabbath to us  all.

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7 years ago  ::  May 16, 2011 - 11:25AM #2
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3 hours ago  ::  May 16, 2011 -  5:00AM



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peace and goodwill to all.

modern  day quakers MUST defend our heart held truth with courage and   steadfastness no matter what persecution that steadfastness may bring.

yet we must always be mindful that what our hearts folds as true in this instant may yield to a still greater Truth in the next.

our  personal religious beliefs need to be 100% square with the  information  given to human kind that is found in the gosple records  until such  time as we show to Our Father that we are Loyal Followers of  His Sons  Way -

and then we should expect our congenital;y  present  Holy Sprint to  become matured with in us  now  unobstructed  and unimpeded to guide us  in-person and in community to what where when  and how we are to bring  Our Savior Brothers  Love, Truth , and Light .

we must always turn the other cheek to those that will strike us and give our jacket too to those that demand our shirt-but none of us are required to watch any of these things befall a fellow human being / aware sensitive creature.

i do not and i hope no follower / practitioner of Our Savior Brothers Way of perfect love would stand by and watch ether!

i myself hold to keeping the sabbath day of est as best as i am able NOT because moses was given hat direction-but because Our Savior Brother kept it and it is  Him i follow and hope to emulate as best as my near feeble self is able to.

i  keep the impotence and helpfulness of " holy images" as  teaching   tools because  i know many can not read and each picture can be worth   1000 words-

i keep to Our Savior Brothers weekly  thursday evening  " redemption/  perpetual forgiveness supper" , i agree  with mr fox's  sunday morning  programed  worship service , and i would  like to see a pathway to call  for " impotent/  urgent " gatherings in  Our Savior Brothers Name as well  as for time to impromptu celebrations  of  Our Mighty Father/ Our Savior  Brother Mighty Love for us all and  all they that came before us as well  as all that may still come after  us too.

however i believe democratic principles  talking account of every  member of each other modern day quakers  persona and community  to   follow your own hearts word in these matter  because in the end it is  each living hearts relationship with The Heart  of The Universe that  matter above all else-

we can not love and be faithful for any other heart but our own and no one can do these works for us.

thanks for reading this-

your comments are welcome and appreciated.

yours truly
peter the roman

ps  the following link holds my original posting were i declare myself to  be a modern day quaker and invite all others no matter there current  faith/ faithlessness to consider become one too.

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