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7 years ago  ::  Apr 17, 2011 - 9:55AM #1
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Nowadays, people always fall in love with greens, nature and so on.  How come concrete cannot be part of nature?  Anything man-made is not nature?  That's not true.  Growing greens is not always good for home in Fengshui.  It could be too much.  

In Fengshui, we talk about the yin and the yang energy all the time as a basic foundation. Greens are absorbing lights and creating shades, it is "yin" by nature.  Our house is for human to live and the energy should be shifted to the "yang" side more for us to have good health because human's nature is "yang".  If you got too much greens, you will not have enough "yang" energy and so the house will make you tired, drained and unhealthy. 

A house's energy flow should not be "balance", it should be only "tuned" to a certain level and nature to fit your need.  A normal healthy human being is "yang" in nature and so you need to tune the house to be bright and nice to be good for human to live.  How can you enjoy a dark and creepy house anyway?  Right?  Anybody will like a bright and clean house, and that is already telling you we like "yang" more as a human being.  Therefore, having too much greens will reduce the "yang" too much and make your house unhealthy to live.

I have got a student who's house got moles and creeps on the outside wall of their house and he always get sick and tired all the time.  From time to time, he felt something is draining his energy out and he feel the house makes people tired all the time, people just don't get motivated to work and stuff.  It's awful.  After cleaning all that out and giving the house an energy boost by using our "Taoism FU", he got the energy reset and flowing good again.  All the problems were gone.  How magical?  Again, that's the power of Taoism and Fengshui, REAL Fengshui that works!  

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