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Switch to Forum Live View What does it means to be a "Taoism master"?
7 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2011 - 7:38PM #1
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Taoism is a religion, that's fact. Taoism is a CHINESE based religion, it started all in China around 220 BC by the first celestial master on earth Zhang Dao Ling forming the lineage of "Five Pecks of Rice Lineage".  It have been famous for it's magical power and ability to help the people to get rid of spiritual problems and improve their life.  In all the old fashion Chinese lunar calendar nowadays, there is always a few pages in the front section with Zhang Dao Ling's portrait drawing and some of his famous Taoism FU(s) to let people remember him and his history, that's how famous he is for the magic.

Now, to be a "Taoism master" of course we haev inherit this skill of Taoism magic with true magical power that works.  That's what you need as the main power source to help people with problems.  Aside from that, being a Taoism master is a job, a career. No different from a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant or a dentis.  It's a job.  We get educated and trained for a long period of time and then we service the public to offer our service as a professional and make a living.  That's how a Taoism master is.  Of course, there are some that are uneducated and pretend to be a master, there are some that are fraud, there are some who are not educated in Taoism but got some other paths mixed and claim they are a Taoist as well.  It's hard for a newbie to tell who is what, what is good.

In my case, I am one of the Taoism master with hard earned experience in 15 years.  I have devoted my life for it and I have been through hard times and tough experience including going through life threatening cases for myself and others.  I am one of the tough one and so I fight for my career.  As I move on, I encounter many patients with life threatening problems and I was able to solve them one by one because I am not afraid of anything.  I put my life to it and I know if I lose a battle for my client, I will let go of their life. Therefore, I strive to do my best for them.  In 15 years, I never failed a case.  That's hard earn experience, proofing what I know and do is real and true.  If the magic doesn't work, those patients would not have been cured.  Taoism magic is real.     
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