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7 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2011 - 12:49PM #1
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Yes, Taoism does have magic and it is real true magic. Taoism's magic is famous since the start of the religion in about 200BC by the first celestial master on earth Zhang Dao Ling forming the lineage of "Five Pecks of Rice Lineage".  He is famous for his exorcism and Taoism FU magic and that is also why the lunar calendar in Chinese (book style) often come with a page with the portrait drawing of the Zhang Dao Ling and his famous exorcism FU below him.  This is just passing the culture on and letting people to keep this memory in mind.

Tin Yat Lineage is the lineage we hold and teach, with true magical power that works. How can I proof it to you?  Well, we often proof it to people by doing exorcism most of the time.  When you get problems, we fix it, then it is working, right?  Other than that, what else can I do?  Make an airplane disappear or make a train disappear?  haha!  Of course not!

Exorcism is my best strength and so if you need an exorcist to help you out, I am always here to guarantee you 110% success with no hassle and no aftermath to deal with.  Want to read more about my exorcism style?  sure, here you go!    
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