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7 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2011 - 4:29AM #1
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In our past, we have encountered many frauds and scammers who try to immitate our lineage or do knockoff of our lineage's magical products. Here we now will include a "Tin Yat Genuine Certificate" with all our orders shipped to our customers as a proof of real Tin Yat Power and guaranteed quality.  Don't fall for frauds and scams, this is the real way to go.

The Lineage of Tin Yat in Taoism is not anything like you will find in history because it is a new lineage starting in 2009.  We have gained communication with Taoverse Deity in 2009 and he have taught us Taoism magic and skills to fight against a group of triad gangster and scammers who are trying to fraud us and harm us in the past 6 years!   The Taoism magic got to work or else we will be dead!  We put our life in Taoverse Deity's hand and he really did taught us and guide us through the tough times and we finally got rid of these evil people!  Nice!  Now I am more than proud to tell you that these magic really works and they are really cool as well, unlike anything you can find on earth in the history of Taoism!  

A few very outstanding subject in our system such as Tao.Gun, Tao.Taste,Tao.Life, Tao.Game and so on are very cool. I can't even imagine they are real myself in 2009 and I was always scared that I was facing some evil god trying to trick me into crap and stuff.  Now, with one year of proof, I know it is real because it have worked for me and for others.  Even those who don't know about me can feel it work too, how nice!  Tin Yat Lineage is a gift from Taoverse Deity, and that is what I hold and teach now.  (Oh, I don't accept students for now because our system is not yet refined for teaching but we do all kinds of service for the public and of course exorcism is our best strength in all!)  Feel free to ask me questions if you are interested in knowing more about our lineage and so on!
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